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Where To Start DJing – Equipment For Beginners

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“How about helping out a beginner learn to DJ?” you say. I need DJ equipment now to start DJing.

If you are a beginner needing to learn to DJ, of course I’m thinking of you!

I was once like you too. You need to start getting some DJ gear pretty soon.

If you really are sure about DJing and about wanting to become a DJ, then it’s time to make your first move and purchase the gear. I’m here to help you make that move.

You need to start DJing fast to get on the ladder!

But do I need to spend loads on gear to start DJing?

The great news is that today, you don’t need to be a millionaire to get DJ equipment. Times have changed.

The digital revolution, lower production costs and new digital controllers mean you can get start up gear for bargains.

Even with a miserly budget of $200 (180€, £150)you can get yourself a starter kit MP3 controller. 

Next – Learn how to DJ

After getting gear, the next step is learning how to DJ or learning how DJ and mix.

You’ll then need a few weeks or months practice in your bedroom before moving on.

Unless you have access to a studio or a very good friend who lets you use his or her equipment when you like, you’ll need to make an initial investment in some DJ equipment and this has to be done carefully.

I saw one guy at college spend his student loan on some brand new Technics 1210 decks, a mixer and vinyl.

After about a month of using them in his bedroom, they went back in their box. He thought he’d try to learn to DJ because it looked cool and they get loads of attention from girls.

Except, this guy just didn’t love music.

If you’re that guy or girl, maybe it’s better to think a bit more about this before entering those credit card details.

But hey, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

Music Collection

Find good DJ music and go and get some more solid tunes to make your music portfolio more impressive.

Otherwise, even if your collection is huge and diverse you still have to improve it. Yes you do. No one knows everything. 

You’ll not only need a quality array of decent tunes, you also need to know your music well to even start DJing

This means you’ve listened to it in a variety of different situations: in your gym, in the car, at home, at a party and so on. This helps you get an idea of how well various tunes can fit into different environments and how they can be received.

You’ll need to be thinking often about the music that goes well with other music, and be lining up tunes in an order which you and your friends can appreciate.

So you’re sure about spending that cash? Really want to learn to DJ?

I’m assuming you’re giving it a go for the right reasons and you’ve already read why you should become a DJ? 

Check out the DJ gear guide here.  Are you ready to do this? This means parting with a fair sum of cash. To start with, it won’t be a huge amount of money, but according to what equipment it is that you already possess, it could be anywhere between $200 to $1600 (€180 to €1200, £150 to £1000).

If you’re really serious and you want to learn to DJ then this initial investment shouldn’t seem like too much to you.

But I have more advice for you to start Djing, so learn to DJ and read beginner DJ tips

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