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Where To Start – Beginner DJs!

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Like we said, DJing is an amazingly enjoyable profession. If you’re feeling enthusiastic about it and it’s time to take that first step to start tobecome a DJ, then you’ll need to invest in some DJ equipment.

But hold on a second! Let’s sum up the checklist first to see if you’re on the right tracks for the DJing life.

1. You have an impressive music collection

Oh yeah, people keep telling you how cool the tunes you have are. Your friends tell you that your taste is pretty good and often ask you advice on what music they should put on at their party.

One or two have already asked if you’ve been DJing already.

You can’t help but think you should bring it on for the masses.

You go girl. Or go boy.

2. You know your music well

The cool cocktail party you had at your gaff last week was a chance for you to showcase your musical knowledge.

You took your pleasantly surprised guests on a musical trip, blending in old gems with new, undiscovered beauties, set the order in a way that would even have made David Mancuso envious of you and made that funkily cool girl/boy look at you in a more admirable light.

You feel all warm with pleasure.

You’re looking good so far.

3. You wanna become a DJ for the right reasons

And by this I mean that the DJ Lifestyle is indeed a very glamourous and enviable one when you hit the top of the pyramid, and even a lot of fun at the middle levels of the pyramid.

Yet you have to love the music and want to share it.

If you feel this with a burning passion, you’re hot on target. So hot you’re starting to melt under that DJ booth spotlight. 

4. You’re ready to invest in some equipment

You’ve thought about it: the initial costs of buying some DJ gear to get skilled at mixing with, and it’s easily worth it. Why? Because you’re sure you’ll pay it off with the money you’ll get from gigs of course.

What gigs? The gigs you’re gonna get from being a cool DJ who knows what he or she is doing and has the crowd eating from the palm of his or her hand.

If you’re that sure about it, you have to go for it.

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