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Becoming A DJ | Learn How To Be A Spinner
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Becoming A DJ | Learn How To Be A Spinner

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Becoming a DJ – tips to learn to play at the best clubs

Many more guys and girls are thinking of becoming a DJ now that digital DJ equipment costs are no barrier to entry.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a DJ?

First of all, grab your FREE guide Twelve Proven Techniques To Get Top DJ Gigs In Night Clubs.

You want to learn how to DJ, eventually become successful and have the world eating out of the palm of your hand?

Or maybe you’re just looking into it casually, you think it would be cool to become a local club resident

I’ve got a few tips for you to so you’ll see if you can make it at becoming a DJ. A kind of acid test for your motivatoin.

So you think you’ve got what it takes?

Why you should become a DJ

1. You love music

You love music and feel need to express your high brow musical tastes and knowledge of what music goes with what and you have a good few musical gems up your wiley little sleeve.

You think you could play better than some DJs you hear at parties and clubs when you’re out with your friends.

Your friends are telling you to you should take it up.

Verdict: You could go somewhere once you understand you that a DJ plays for others and not for him or herself.

All successful DJs are more than passionate about music. You have to be too.

Give it a try.

2. You want to make people have an amazingly good time

You’re thinking of becoming a DJ so you can make everyone dance, feel good and have a great time at parties.

You’re happy when everyone’s enjoying themselves, when the bouncers are either not there or are laughing away with the rest of the party animals.

You want to contribute to the feelgood factor.

Verdict: You could get somewhere and become a DJ once you get your musical knowledge up to a level higher than many and you learn how to mix.

The DJ industry could do with more people who think of others..

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