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Become A DJ Only If You REALLY Want It
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Become A DJ Only If You REALLY Want It

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If you want some DJ help it might be because you’re wondering if you have what it takes to become a DJ.

Or, you may be wanting to learn how to DJ, eventually become successful and have the world eating out of the palm of your hand?

DJ Help

A few tips on where to start, what equipment to get and getting through some tough decision making.

1. How to DJ with the best 

2. How to prepare for that nervous first gig 

3. Find some cool entry level digital gear 

4. Vinyl or MP3? See what the disadvantages of MP3 are 

5. Get DJ help on finding equipment cheaper and faster 

6. Honest advice for beginners 

7. Ten tips to boost you before a gig 

8. Find the best books and guides to DJing

More DJ Help and Advice

This is why some DJs succeed and others fail and why you should or shouldn’t become a disc jockey..

You wanna make lots of cash for DJing

You’ve heard about the fat wads of cash the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, David Guetta and Carl Cox take home after a gig and you want some of that baby.

Oooh yeah, just imagine, your big house at the beach, designer clothes, Aston Martin. You could make it like them. Get that money maaaaan.

Verdict: All successful DJs are primarily crazy music lovers and spreaders of that love and were that way since they were kids, and before they earned a cent from it.

They would be doing it even if it didn’t earn them a minimum wage. They live their passion, they’ve never worked a day of their lives because it’s one big party.

Unless you can honestly say you’re the same or similar to them in terms of musical passion and your desire to share, you’re highly unlikely to succeed in music because your main dream is the money.

You’ll find it impossible to shine like the others who breathe, dream and live music, every single day of their lives.

Look for something different.

4. DJing will make you popular with girls and boys

You’re a boy and you’ve seen how much attention those cool club DJs get, especially the successful ones.

Even a bar disc jockey can have a couple of groupies hanging around his little booth.

You’ve seen club DJs who aren’t even handsome with 3 or 4 girls waiting for him at the end of the night!

OR You’re a girl and you’ve seen how funky and downright cool those chick DJs are.

Wow they are sexy (I can confirm it) and they have that funky sex appeal that only a girl controlling music in a venue can do.

Verdict: Forget it..DJs are DJs because they love the music and want people to enjoy it too.

Of course, getting more attention from others is a great bonus, but if it’s your main interest, you’ll not be doing it for the right reasons, you probably won’t succeed and won’t get any action at all in the end.

Try another career. 

If you’re still wondering, keep reading on and ask yourself the all important question, the soul searching: “Why should I become a DJ?”

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