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Virtual DJ Mixing Software Review – What Is VDJ?

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I admit that Virtual DJ (or VDJ) mixing software has more than surpassed the expectations of the DJ industry.

What is Virtual DJ?

VDJ is a DJ software which allows you to mix, scratch video and audio as well as enabling an Internet connection for searching for music.

What are the best features?

The best feature hands down is that it’s FREE with certain digital DJ controllers!

I also found quite amazing is the fact that VDJ seems to have leap-frogged many other DJ software apps.

1. Netsearchvirtual DJ mixing software - DJ controller This allows for you to connect to the Internet and get any tune you want.

Some girl promising you with “an after party” if only you play her favourite tune that isn’t in your collection?

No worries. With VDJ, you can find anything.

Grooveshark now provides subscription access, which you have to pay for.

2. Groups

This crazy feature is almost making DJing too easy.

It compares your tastes to those of other DJs, then gives you feedback based on the tunes other DJs played with the same music.

Am I the only one thinking DJing is gonna be done by robots next year?

Surely, anyone with almost no musical knowledge can use this.

I prefer it being a bit more fun and challenging myself, but there’s no denying that this is an incredibly useful feature for when you’re stuck.

3. Broadcasting your sets

Another almost unbelievable feature is the possibility to broadcast your DJ sets on the Internet.

4. Several versions are available

VDJ has thought of providing low budget, mid range and pro DJs with different versions at different prices.

5. Anyone can become a DJ

Thanks to its quite outstanding features, VDJ is into the realm of “anyone can become a DJ” and makes it very simple to do so.

A bit too simple!

I sometimes pine after the times when it was hard to mix, to find tunes and to decide what to play next.

I also think that DJing is going to be done by computers or robots before we know it.

What do you think? Fed up with this software or do you love the advantages it affords? Let me know and leave a comment.

This DJ controller comes with a FREE version of Virtual DJ

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