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Torq 2 Review – Torq 2.0 DJ Mixing Software

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Torq 2 was just released by M-Audio and is proving itself to be a serious complete DJ mixing software.Torq 2.0 review DJ software

M-Audio have surprised us here with an upgrade from version 1.5 to 2.0 which has pretty well put Torq on the map as a real competitor in the DJ software market.

What is M-Audio Torq and how can it be used?

In case you missed my earlier updates, I reviewed both the M-Audio Xponent DJ controller and Torq DJ mixing software.

M-Audio make a high performing mid range DJ console called Xponent.

My review on the Xponent DJ console 
As true players in the music industry, M-Audio have also developed their own great software to go with their controller.

This software is called Torq.

What does Torq version 2.0 offer?

M-Audio have really overhauled the Torq software with this upgrade.

I was starting to wonder when they’d get round to upgrading. Now I know why they’ve been so quiet for so long.

From a solid, decent performing 1st version of the software, you can upgrade to a new and different level of DJing altogether.

4 Decks

Now you can be mixing using 4 audio sources (4 decks) instead of 2 and add in extra tracks, vinyl decks, CD players, or DJ MP3 players.

This is great not only for creating improved club DJ sets but also for tag team DJing and easy transitions.

Improved interface and new skins

Not only does it act cool but it looks cool as well.

Torq 2 has some great new skins and is completely customisable.

Don’t like the boxes for functions you never use? Just get rid of them. You can bring them back when you like.

Need to have a skin that’s easy on the eye and with your favourite colour combinations? Anything’s possible.

Better search presentation

DJ torq 2.0 review

This is what I really like: better search presentation that’s a massive improvement on the previous version of Torq.

A bigger display and the possibility to change the size of the search presentation results are a great bonus.

Stand Alone Functionality

Beforehand you had to use Torq with the Xponent or the Conectiv for it to work. With version 2.0, you can practice with just your PC or Mac and no hardware attached.

Bigger Sample Bank

The sample bank has been improved to now contain more loops and samples (100MB are bundled with the software).

This improves your capacity to perform a live DJ remix on the fly and enhance any tracks you have that need more beef, some vocals or extra drums for example.

New Effects

M-Audio have added 13 new effects which help you add depth and originality to your tracks and your sets overall.

When you play in a club you’ll be able to take tunes to a new level by playing with cool effects and taking clubbers on a trip.

Morph Mixing

Torq 2.0 review

Using the crossfader you can now take advantage of this cool new patented mix technology that M-Audio call “Morphing”.

Morphing tracks is a different style of mixing which adds effects to a simple mix.

Beforehand, I would often drop a flange effect while mixing certain tunes. This would sometimes work well, but not every time.

Now it seems that this software can do it for you, and better than before.

Improved compatibility with other DJ consoles

Torq can now be used with some top DJ consoles such as the Numark NS7 DJ Turntable Controller .

Even Vestax has chipped in with compatibility on the VCI-300MKII DJ Controller too.

Improved Sound Quality

The sound quality is now far better than with Torq 1.5.

This is for me, the best part.

Any digital DJ who’s used MP3s knows that even newly produced music can have poorly optimised digital music files.

We all want to get the best sound quality possible from digital music. After all, good, warm round sound creates happy party clubbers.

This is what you want!

Where To Get Torq 2.0 – Delivered With A DJ Console

Prices can vary, but often it’s the big resellers that have the most competitive deals.

You may do well to find lower than Amazon at $199. Or if you have version 1.5 already, you can get an upgrade for around $30.

But much better, get a bundled DJ controller that’s delivered with Torq 2.0.

The Xponent DJ console is made by M-Audio and optimised for use together with it.

You can compare offers and reviews for the Xponent and Torq 2.0 on

I’m a user of Torq 2.0 and although I had a few concerns with it to start with, I think there are plenty of good points.

For example, you need to optimise the database search and make sure you import all your music into it before playing to speed up search time results.

In general, I’m pretty satisfied with the Torq 2.0 performance and I’m especially happy with the superior sound quality. Some bugs and performance issues were problematic to start with, but these appear to have all been corrected.

You will need a laptop that performs pretty well to run Torq 2.0 as you need to. At least 1GB of RAM and a dual core processor are recommended, but that should be fine for most DJs.

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