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Time Coded Vinyl – How does it work for a DJ?

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A timecoded vinyl system is one that allows you to use real vinyl decks, whilst staying hooked up to your computer and using MP3s.

A timecoded vinyl is not a real vinyl record. It’s a pretend record, which sends signals back to your computer, allowing your computer to emulate the sound of real vinyl.

It’s not real. So what’s the point in it?Time Coded Vinyl

The point of timecoded vinyl is to be able to keep using vinyl, or to keep mixing the vinyl way.

Obviously, it looks way cooler than any other digital mixing style too.

What do old timers say about it?

Some like it, some think it’s ridiculous.

Whatever anyone’s opinion is, we can’t stop the way technology is moving so fast.

Well, we could, but we’d have to have a world revolution or something. And that’s not about to happen soon.


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