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Start DJing Now! A Beginner’s Guide

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f you’re looking to learn how to start DJing, the following step by step guide will help you.

In summary, what will happen is that first of all you’ll choose the DJ equipment that is best suited to you, then you’ll learn how to mix and develop a style. Then finally it comes to the hard part: how to get DJ gigs in clubs.

What does a beginner who wants to start DJing do and in what order?

First of all, download my free guide to getting club gigs.

Twelve Proven Techniques To Get Top DJ Gigs In Night Clubs

Then, read the following steps which will definitely help you on your way to becoming a club DJ, if that’s what you want.

And even if you’re happy to play in parties and bars without hitting the clubs, I’d advise reading it too.

start DJing

1. Choose DJ equipment

If you’re sure that you want to DJ, you’ll be ready to splash a few hundred dollars, pounds or Euros on your gear.

You did know that right?

Now, what gear do you get? You’ve heard about CD decks, vinyl turntables and digital gear.

The choice is an easy one to make once you answer this question: what format is your music in?

If it’s in vinyl then you’ll need DJ turntables. If it’s on CDs, then have a look at some DJ CD decks. 

But I’m guessing here that you want to start DJing because you already have a large collection.

And in most cases, your collection is likely to be in digital format (MP3, .wav, .flac).

For around 80% of new DJs, this is the case.

I recommend that you follow my guide to digital DJ equipment. 

Or if you’re on a low budget to start with, no problem, you can find out where to start with my budget DJ gear guide.

2. Learning to mixHow to DJ in clubs

You have a choice here, you can either learn to mix all by yourself, trying to read a combination of books, webpages and youtube vids (many of which give different advice) or you can simply get a full video course to learn how to DJ in less time.

To start you off and get you mixing in far less time, the best course I can recommend to you is a full video tutorial made by a pro DJ who’s mixed alongside the best DJs in the world.Forget DJ lessons

Using this course is like having a one-on-one tutorial with a pro DJ, except you won’t pay the ridiculous prices that you pay for DJ lessons.

The choice is yours: you can take one year or more to learn to mix properly (like me!) or you can get a course which isn’t free, but is guaranteed to have you mixing and making money off your gigs in just 2 or 3 months.

Either way, here it is for you to check out:

Pro DJ Mixing DJ Guide

3. Promoting yourself

Like it or not, DJ promotion is an essential part of becoming a DJ.

A facebook page is just not enough on its own. DJs who think they can get by with just a facebook page and adding friends don’t get anywhere.

You’ll need to create a cool DJ website, build contacts and make a cool promo CD. 

How to create an easy DJ website 

DJ promotion for when you start DJing 

Start DJing by making the best promo CD

4. Create your image and unique style

Instead of being just like all the other DJs and copying the same tunes and style as your hero, how about being original?

Original DJs get noticed and if you have a style and image that people identify with, if you stand out amongst other DJs with a cool music selection and look, you’ll get more gigs.

Believe me, this really works and you need to have it in mind when you start DJing.

So what do you do to stand out from the crowd of clone DJs? This is made of 2 parts: creating a unique DJ sound and also a cool DJ image. 

5 tips on getting a unique DJ sound 

Boost your DJ image

5. Get DJ Gigs

Now it comes to the hardest part when you start DJing. Why is it so hard to get DJ gigs in clubs?

It’s so damn hard because you have to get into that circle of people.

You know, those guys who all know each other, who don’t seem to let others in and who give each other all the best gigs? We’ve all seen this before.

It’s frustrating when someone gets a gig because they’re a friend of someone else. In fact, it’s really annoying! Because you know that you’re better than that other guy but HE’s the one on the decks.

I can help you here, because I’ve been there. To make it really easy for you, just opt in and get the Twelve Proven Techniques To Get Top DJ Gigs In Night Clubs.

You’ll see how once you put these techniques into practice, you’ll simply start to get DJ gigs. That is the only thing that can happen: you WILL get DJ gigs.

get DJ gigs

Get DJ Gigs!

Download this free guide to help you toget DJ gigs faster.

Rather than you trawling through the net reading articles, this free guide contains all the advice you need in one clear ebook.

I put it together to save some time for you and to get you DJing in parties, bars and clubs faster.

And it’s completely free.

Go here to get the free guide on how to get DJ gigs now

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