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Sennheiser HD555 Review – Quality Headphone Review
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Sennheiser HD555 Review – Quality Headphone Review

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If you’re looking for some decent quality headphones for both listening to music and producing music then my Sennheiser HD555 review can help you to make your decision.

First of all, these aren’t headphones for DJs. They are designed for listening, watching films and for studio use.

For those of you who produce your own music, these headphones are a very reasonable compromise between price and quality.

They’re not perfect for everybody, but some audiophiles and certainly music fans will find them very comfortable and will appreciate the sound quality. The are a couple of features which some people won’t be satisfied with, but all in all, this review is fairly positive.

To find out more, keep reading my Sennheiser HD555 review.

Sennheiser HD555 Review – Headphones Features

Sennheiser HD555 ReviewSound quality

The most remarkable feature for headphones of this price is the high sound quality. This is definitely the key feature of the product.

Sennheiser use a function which actually creates an extended spatial sound field by implementing an internal surround reflector.

As well as being used to listen to music and to watch HD films, these headphones can easily be used by pro sound engineers for audio production and by music producers for studio use.

All music genres appear to sound balanced and clear, with the high and low end of the music clearly defined. Dialogue, sound and music during a film are equally well balanced, with none of the problems that some headphones have with the vocal film soundtracks.

Earpads for comfort

The velour earpads are soft and fit nicely onto your ear for long periods of time without causing discomfort. They appear to be able to adapt to all types of head, wide, tall or small. I wear glasses to watch films and this earpads didn’t push the frame into my head as other models do.

Aluminum Voicecoils

The voicecoils are made of aluminum which improves internal efficiency of audio transmission as well as keeping the headphones relatively light.

Sennheiser HD555 Review – Pros And Cons



Thanks to the velour pads we can keep Sennheiser HD555 headphones on all day without getting too hot. They are able to adapt to most different shapes and sizes of head and you are able to wear glasses with them. They are also light.

Sound quality

You’ll appreciate the excellent sound quality for headphones of this price which will have music enthusiasts and film boffs alike shaking with excitement.

Multiple uses

These cans are able to be used for 3 different purposes, which makes them a good investment if you are likely to use them for 2 of the following:- listening to music- watching films- producing music or audio in the studio

Replacable parts

This model has replacable parts so you can exchange anything easily under the 2 year warranty and after the warranty expires too, without extra costs.



Not everyone will find the size of the Sennheiser HD555 convenient. They are fairly large (9.5 x 8 x 4 inches or 24 x 20 x 10cm) and although they can be folded inwards, some people prefer more discrete cans.


The sound can be heard by those near you, although not excessively. Some people would prefer for no sound to escape. The sound quality is excellent, but isolation from external noises is not optimal.

Not for DJs

For DJs looking to get new headphones, you’d best use these for listening to your music to organise it for your set, or for producing your own tunes. These are not headphones that have been designed for DJs.

Sennheiser HD555 Review – My Opinion

These are good value headphones for audiophiles who are demanding in terms of sound quality. Sennheiser HD555The excellent sound clarity and clear definition has clearly been made a priority by Sennheiser. All types of music including slow, fast, higher end or bass heavy, will be appreciated by the savvy listener.

Producers and sound engineers looking for good studio headphones without spending a fortune will also be happy with the sound quality and exceptional comfort.

Where The Sennheiser HD555 falls short is on the sound privacy feature and their size, which won’t please everyone.

Otherwise, for the price you’ll rarely find such a good listening experience combined with comfort.

Read more Sennheiser HD555 reviews and compare prices on Amazon.com

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