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Party DJ Tips – Read The Crowd – Make People Dance!

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If you’re a party DJ or you play at clubs, learning how to read a crowdand reacting with the best DJ music is essential to your success.

Here are some tips to get you to make them dance all night.

Girls or boys at the party or club?

Check the girls and the boys carefully when DJing, especially the girls.

Why? Because when the girls dance the boys follow.

You know how it is. Boys are like dogs, they just follow whatever girls do. I know because I’m a boy.

The main hot party DJ tip here is get the girls to dance.

Girls are the heart and soul of the party

In straight clubs, getting girls to jiggle and grind is the key.

They lead the dancing, the boys do too, that means (nearly) everyone is dancing.

It’s nicer when girls dance, it gives off a more positive vibe.

So when you get to that point in the night when you have to get people moving (if you’re playing in a club or party) then think of the ladies.

Girls tend to favour lighter music with more emotion and with vocals as opposed to harder tunes.

When preparing your set make sure you have some secret weapon girl tunes on hand.

Club DJs

Be ready to play outside your circle

If you followed omy DJ tips on knowing your music for DJing, then you’ll be up on this.

That means you have everything in your collection, even cheese.

“But I don’t play cheese” you protest. You don’t have to play cheese.

You do have to be ready to go outside your realm and play music that you may not like.

An example of adapting to the crowd then having it my way

I once turned up at a club in Paris and the owner was pretty sure about what he wanted.

He explained right away that he wanted well known, accessible tunes. He didn’t care for the latest cool Simian Mobile Disco remix and such, he wanted favourites.

Now I didn’t do exactly what he wanted, I still gave the night my own twist. That meant that I played some cheese, but I used that cheese toget people on my wavelength.

At that point, we established a rapport because they knew that the DJ understood what they liked, so they opened out.

This is important for a club or party DJ to understand.

After people hear something they know they become more receptive to other, different tunes and they’ll continue dancing.

The message

The message is: dare to play music you don’t particularly like when you’re DJing as well. The important thing is that people are happy and dance.

Having the will power to be able do this will get you a better reputation and improved gigs.

Remember, it’s about what they like, not just about what you like.

React to the party animals

When you’ve been struggling for a bit and people aren’t really dancing to what you put on only then they suddenly go unexpectedly crazy to your next tune, make sure you react to them accordingly.

When the dancefloor bursts into life, that’s a sure sign the last tune you played is right up their street.

That means the next tune you play should be a reaction to that; you have to try to keep them on the floor now for as long as you can.

It’s not always easy, but a good club or party DJ can do it.

Open up the floodgates

Follow up that last rooflifter with another tune which is in some way similar to the previous one.

Not identical, but similar in some aspect, whether it’s the style, the energy, the BPM or the key. Give your set some shape and flow and take your people on a musical journey of enjoyment.

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