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Promote A Club With A DJ Event – Make Money And Mix!

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I recently had an email from a young guy who has had the bright idea to promote a club night.


Hey Matt,

Recently Ive decided that I want to start DJing as a career. I have little to no experience on the table but I am very eager to learn.

Seeing that I am broke I have gotten a few people willing to become investors in starting the business. Here’s what I have planned, I am going to rent out an under age club (im thinking for sometime in april) and host, a rave for teens, seeing as I went to one where each kid paid 10$ to enter and 3000 kids came. thats 30,000$!

I was just wondering if you think thats a good idea? If my system will work?



I like this kind of question, because it’s closely related to three important aspects of DJing that every guy or girl could come across at some point in his or her career.

1. It’s a major part of the DJ business and making a living out of DJing and related activities

2. It can be a path to big success as a DJ if you manage to do it well

3. It can be a sweet, shortcut method of getting the best gigs in town and elsewhere

David Guetta In The House

 Promote a club event nightSome famous DJs today started by organising their own club events, David Guetta being the obvious example after using the success of his nights in Paris as a springboard for when he started producing his own tracks.

Marketing his first tunes was fairly easy and quick when compared to other producers thanks to his earlier experiences.

Promoting Paris Parties

Forget what happened in recent years and his huge commercial success with American artists, Guetta started as a relatively cool semi-underground house DJ in the early 1990s, throwing parties at legendary Paris clubs Le Palace and Les Bains Douches as a mixmeister and promoter.

The people he met when organising these nights and the sets he played himself are a fundamental reason for his status today and certainly acted as a catalyst for the success he was able to create by producing decent his first real dance tracks in the early 2000s.

Promote night club events

In fact, you could say that he wouldn’t be where he was today were it not for the contacts and experience he carved out for himself during the years before he became (F*ck Me I’m) famous  😆

Could You Become Famous?

But before you get all excited and thinking that you are the next Guetta and it’ll only take you 6 months because you’re brilliant, you might like to chill for a minute. If you want to promote a club night, you should know that it carries risks like anything else.

Many people fail (sorry..I had to tell you) and some people actually lose money. But this isn’t to discourage you, remember, there are plenty of advantages if you promote a club night, namely:

  • You can make decent money from doing something that you enjoy
  • You can make incredibly useful contacts for future events
  • You can DJ at your own nights and be the star and if you’re any good, become a famous DJ one day
  • You can make your night into a brand and travel to other cities and even countries with the same concept

Promoting your own night is certainly not for everyone. A good club promoter needs to have strong qualities such as the following. An events promoter needs to:

PromoterHave An Outgoing Personality

The promoter needs to be able to develop relationships with people fast and needs people to trust him or her to do what is required. Often, he or she will have less time to convince people of concepts and ideas and therefore persuasion skills are essential.

Be A Strong Negotiator

There’s little point making $30,000 from a night if the costs are $30,420. Negotiating the rent of the venue, the equipment rental costs, bar staff wages, cleaning, DJ fees and security are all key to turning out a decent profit.

Be A Great Promoter

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. When boiled down, promoting is all about motivating people to come and turn up at your event.

How you do it is up to you but you need to get those people in your club and enjoying themselves for the night to success. Communication skills are a huge part of these as is selling your night.

Have A Business Brain

When you promote a club night it is indeed a business and you are accountable. A quick business brain will be able to understand how money can be made and will exploit opportunities in less time than most other people.

You can afford just to break even on your first 2 or 3 events, but after that there had better be potential for growth and making some money in the future otherwise your idea is a waste of time.

Understand What The People Want

This is an important part of how to promote a club night which is often overlooked. Without this quality, you won’t succeed in promoting your own events.Club events promotion

You need to understand what your punters want, what will make them turn up in big numbers at your nights, what it takes for them to enjoy themselves, to tell all their friends and to come back again and again.

This skill is partly intuitive and partly about having a a business mind. Keep in mind, there may not be a point in promoting a d’n’b specialist niche DJ night if the girls in your town of 70,000 people in the countryside don’t enjoy it.

You need a good balance of females to males, and you should motivate ladies to come first. Don’t make the music policy into your personal taste, think about what you would like if you were one of them.

In fact, throwing your event is like making people dance: get the girls in and dancing and the boys just follow, like obedient dogs.

Have you ever been out to an event, a bar or a club because there are cute, approachable and interesting girls there on a regular basis? I have, many times. Remember, get those young pretty and preferably interesting ladies in and having a good time, the rest will follow. They are that important.

Have Great Organisation Skills

Let’s face it, don’t become a promoter if you’re constantly hungover or stoned and you want to stay that way. Your memory won’t be as sharp as it could be and you’ll forget figures, people’s names and meeting times.

Remember, hosting your own night takes a real lot of organising, telephone calls, meetings and skills. You need to be able to bring it all together at the key moment. Only people with decent organisation skills need apply for a promoter job.

promote night club eventsBe Able To Offer Something Different

Offering something different means precisely: creating or exploiting a niche, becoming successful with and growing that niche. Copying someone else’s idea may work for a while, but really it’s not the way to long term success.

Instead, ask yourself what people need and what no one else offers. Your concept has to be clear and easy for people to understand.

Events and nights with no real angle, focus or style are less likely to catch on and become a hot concept. Don’t just do something because others do it, think of how to promote a club night with a difference instead.

Think with the clubber in mind and ask yourself what would make their night.

To Answer The Question

To come back to the original question sent in by a reader, Phil, here is what I have to reply and the parts of the message that stuck out for me.

Recently Ive decided that I want to start DJing as a career. I have little to no experience on the table but I am very eager to learn.

Good initiative and there is no reason you can’t start with your own nights. However, if it’s your very first DJ gig on the big night, I suggest you stick to warming up and spend the rest of the night watching the other more experienced DJs play.

Seeing that I am broke I have gotten a few people willing to become investors in starting the business.

It shows some promise that you can convince people to part with their cash already, with no experience. I get the feeling you have some qualities that good promoters do such as relationship and persuasion skills.

Here’s what I have planned, I am going to rent out an under age club

Great idea. When I was underage, life was awful where I grew up and young people went to sniff glue in the park as they couldn’t do anything else (of course, I didn’t do that). Your thinking shows you can exploit hopefully untapped potential of kids needing a night out to some extent.

(I’m thinking for sometime in april) and host, a rave for teens, seeing as I went to one where each kid paid 10$ to enter and 3000 kids came. thats 30,000$!

Hold up a minute because I don’t know your costs yet and neither do you, by the sound of it  :-). I’m sure you may have a rough idea of how much things can cost, but the other person who pulled off a huge rave may have been in the business for years capable of keeping costs low and with excellent contacts.

Remember, there are always extra costs if you don’t pay attention and cover every single aspect of your night. Find out everything and cover all the potential pitfalls and risks. Have backup plans for your night, in case things don’t turn out as well as planned.

So on paper, your idea is great Phil and there are a few things that you say that make me think you have potential to succeed, even if it may take a few tries.

For a start, sending me an email was the place to start and I expect you’ve contacted quite a few DJ site and blog owners, which shows you’re not afraid to initiate and build relationships. Many people wouldn’t have done that.

Do pay attention to the business side of things and the main challenge which is getting people to pay to come into your night.

Do you know enough people who will come out? Will they pay to come in and pay more for drinks? Will they enjoy it? Do you trust the DJs to cook up an unforgettable atmosphere?

Consider starting up a smaller night of say 500 people and then building your nights up from there. A first party of 3000 is huge for an inexperienced promoter.

Hopefully these tips will help you see it through.


Further resources to learn how to promote a club night: Night Club Promo 101

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1 Jeffrey James September 28, 2011 at 7:41 am

Awesome article and I think it really would help separate the wannabes from the successful promoters


2 The Winnit September 28, 2011 at 7:44 am

I was thinking about this part:

“Do you trust the DJs to cook up an unforgettable atmosphere?”

What are you trying to say here, that DJs don’t know what they’re doing? Every time I’ve played I’ve rocked the house. EVERY time.


3 DJ Hoza In Miami November 17, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Wow you must be great. When can I come see you?


4 The Electro Horse November 17, 2011 at 12:28 pm

lol..can’t wait to hear his mixes.

That aside, love this article. It’s got my creative juices flowing about starting to promte and DJ! It’s on!


5 Matt November 17, 2011 at 12:29 pm

Yep, and you can shortcut your way to cooler gigs like this too.


6 Phil September 28, 2011 at 5:28 pm

Very Very Helpful Thanks Man!


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