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Pioneer DJ Equipment Reviews – Top DJ Gear

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Pioneer DJ equipment is respected and used worldwide by top DJs.

Seen the high end CD decks in almost any decent nightclub? Yes, they’re made by Pioneer.

Seen DJs at top gigs using a Mac with external time coded CDs on decks? They are the very same Pioneer decks.

Pioneer DJ equipment is a reference in the DJ world.

Pioneer DJ

Pioneer are better known for their advanced Pioneer DJ CD players which have led the field for years.

The only club I’ve DJed in which didn’t have Pioneer gear was a bar/club and lower profile. Any club in the top rankings of your home town or city will have this gear rocking their clubs.

You’ll see that Pioneer DJ gear isn’t the cheapest.

But if you were buying a car, would you buy some cheap ass motor that broke a year later?

If you can afford it, get the Rolls Royce of DJ gear! Pioneer.

The CDJ 2000

Pioneer CDJ2000 DJ CD playerPioneer CDJ-2000 Professional Multi Player is a high end beast of a CD deck.

 It’s already taking over at some of the top nightclubs across the world and has been used by countless top DJs to play with.

You can playback any digital files (MP3, wave, aac, aiff) not only on CDs but also from USB ports or SD ports.

The LCD screen means you can read the wave form of the music that you’re playing, which makes it pretty much like a DJ console CD player hybrid.

It can be linked to other CDJ 2000s to share the same music source.

The needle drop facility is also pretty cool as it lets you touch down instantly at any part of your track.

The CDJ2000 is pricey, but very high quality gear.

Check it out in more detail.

Pioneer CDJ-2000 Professional Multi Player

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones

Pioneer DJ HeadphonesPioneer HDJ-2000 Reference Professional Dj Headphones are every DJ’s dream.

 High quality gear and robust resistance are the order of the day here.

These headphones will last you for years.

What would you prefer, spending twice as much and your headphones staying perfectly functional for 10 years or buying a cheap new pair every 2 years?

You’d end up spending twice as much on cheap gear if you go for less.

It’s pretty obvious that spending more on your cans is an investment and shouldn’t be seen as an expense as such.

Phones are more likely to break than any other DJ equipment. If they do, believe me, you don’t want to be in the middle of your set.

My tip is to spend wisely and well on DJ headphones and they’ll serve you far better over the years.

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Reference Professional Dj Headphones 

Pioneer CDJ 350

Pioneer DJ EquipmentThe Pioneer CDJ-350 CDJ-350 Digital Multi Player is a great mid range DJ CD player.

 If your budget can’t take in a CDJ2000, then this could be the one for you.

A far better visual display, easy to search tracks and full digital compatibility makes this gear another hybrid digital and CD DJ’s ideal player.

Some added functions that you’ll find on DJ consoles are also on this cool decks, like Rekordbox track find software function.

You can perform loops, lock BPM, sync tracks and easily search through your MP3s.

The best function is being able to create playlists on the go, which is perfect for managing stress when you’re trying to find tracks you can’t remember.

We’ve all been there!

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