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Pioneer HDJ-2000 Review – Pro DJ Headphones
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Pioneer HDJ-2000 Review – Pro DJ Headphones

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If you’re looking for some high quality DJ headphones then my Pioneer HDJ-2000 review can help you to make your decision.

As you may know, these are high end, high quality DJ headphones used for both DJing and production and which can be excellent for personal music listening too.

As a regular DJ in bars and clubs, I recognise audio quality when I hear it. Comfort is also very important. The last time I DJed, it was a six hour set with loud monitor speakers in front of my booth, so being able to hear the sounds in my ears was very important, as it is for all DJs.

Being able to hear the clear sounds, distinguish the low EQ from the middle and high is essential to pulling off a good mix. Often when you hear a poor transitional mix, the DJ’s headphones are partly to blame. He or she may believe that their mix is perfect, but the headphones are mixing sound with the booth monitor sound.

As always, there are some features of the Pioneer HDJ-2000 which won’t please everybody out there.

To find out more, keep reading my Pioneer HDJ-2000 review.

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Review – Features

Pioneer HDJ-2000 ReviewThe notable positive features of the Pioneer HDJ-2000 are the high level of comfort and breathtaking sound quality.

The solid, robust build is also an aspect that you’ll notice. For those who are clumsy or who tend to pull on chords, drop their headphones or travel a lot (any DJ!) these come across as headphones that will last for maybe 10-15 years if taken care of.

From a DJ and producer’s point of view, the best features in my opinion are the following:

Ergonomic – Swivel component for single ear mixing or monitoring is very easy and fast, and appears to exert no stress. The headphones also fold up nicely for transportation and protection.

Sound quality – The voice coil and 2 inch magnet inside ensure the clarity of different sounds is also a pleasure to listen to; sound is full and separate elements in the bass and treble can be clearly distinguished from the other sounds, which helps you perform pinpoint mixing and blending. Another good point is that you won’t have to boost the volume too high risking deafness, as is the case with lower quality headphones.

Comfortable – After several hours of mixing, comfort was still optimal. The special new pads are the reason behind the comfortable fit and the fact that these cans are fairly light and appear to adjust to your head is also a bonus.

Blocking out sound – Too many headphones these days neglect this point: blocking out sound from the outside is critical to ensuring that you play a good set and get invited to DJ again. Having too much interference is noisy and can cause tinnitus, or partial deafness. I prefer to block out sound for as much of the set as possible to protect my ears.

Build – The build is most impressive, with a durable frame that does not compromise on weight. Magnesium alloy components mean the headphones remain fairly light and yet robust. The chord is replacable, which is very practical. I’ve had to replace headphones due to a faulty chord before. It won’t be the case with the Pioneer HDJ-2000.

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Review – Pros And Cons


  • Outstanding sound quality for both listening and mixing
  • Solid and highly durable build for long term use
  • Excellent level of comfort, with practical ergonomic aspects (easy swivel, easy fold)
  • Good protection from enthusiastic booth speakers that hammer the ears and ruin mixes


  • The price is out of reach for DJs and producers with little money (although this should be seen as an investment as these headphones should last a very long time)
  • Highly compressed MP3 audio files are unlikely to sound as good (low quality music files). This is also an advantage for warning DJs who may inadvertently be intending to play a poor quality track.

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Review – In Summary

Pioneer HDJ-2000The Pioneer HDJ-2000 pro headphones are many a DJ’s dream. These are arguably the best headphones available on the market for DJs and producers, although some may consider that there are 1 or 2 other models by other manufacturers that are at least as good.

The only drawback to these headphones is the price. Nowadays, a new DJ can buy an digital DJ console for a lower price. However, it won’t certainly won’t be a pro console for club mixing or producing.

The Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones are recommended for pro or semi-pro DJs who recognise that investing some money in your gear actually saves money long term.

Headphones are the DJ gear that breaks and fails DJs more frequently than any other equipment. Investing some more cash up front is just common sense, if you are able.

I can definitely recommend you these headphones if they are within your budget.

You can find them to see other reviews and compare prices at Amazon.com

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