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Numark NDX800 Review – Hybrid Digital DJ CD Player
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Numark NDX800 Review – Hybrid Digital DJ CD Player

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This Numark NDX800 review can help you make a decision about which CDJ and MP3 hybrid player is best for you.

If, like many DJs, you have a mixed collection of music with some of your music on MP3 and some on CD, the Numark NDX800 can play both during the same set, with relative ease of use. You can also use MP3s loaded from a CD.

You can even hook up a PC and use this deck as a MIDI controller with a classic DJ software package such as Traktor DJ. or Virtual DJ. 

The Numark NDX800 combines the best of both worlds at an interesting price and still hold its own against more advanced CD decks used in clubs that cost over twice as much.

Keep reading my Numark NDX800 review for more..

Numark NDX800 Review – Features

Multiplayer Device

Numark NDX800 Review

CD Player

With this hybrid player, you can use the CD drive for audio CDs and for MP3 CDs. Perfect for DJs with music collections that sprawl out over several hard drives and several boxes of CDs. The CD player loads disks very fast.

USB flash player

Buy a flash drive together with this gear and you’ll be able to load anything you like from a 16GB drive. The software allows you easy navigation through your tracks and straightforward loading.

DJ Effects

The DSP effects are beat-synced (meaning they take into account your BPM); and are enough for most semi-pro or even pro DJs, with the classic range of effects from flanger, phaser, pan, chop, echo and filter. There’s also a reverse play function to sound cool.

You can increase or decrease the intensity of the effects.

Rarely do I use any other sound effects than the above.

 Seamless looping

Looping is also possible as many DJs will be relieved to know.

Key lock

You can lock the key so that increasing the pitch doesn’t make the voices sound silly and high pitched.

Sample storage

You can store 3 x 5 second samples to re-introduce to your track whenever you like.

Touch sensitive platter

The 7 inch platter is good for adjusting your track to the mix, speed up or slow down your track accordingly.

Scratching is functional and works well, as you would expect.

BPM counter

While you should try to avoid relying on the BPM counter, most DJs admit it’s useful for long and tiring sets.

Preloaded cue points

The device remembers your tracks and automatically cues you up to start at the same point the next time you play it. It auto-saves your cue points and you gain valuable time. Essential for when you only have 20 seconds left to cue up a track!

Numark NDX800 Review – Pros & Cons


– Multiplaying facility: excellent for DJs with music on different media AND good for back up if one reader or music source has a problem (eg. if the USB drive has a problem, use CDs and vice versa)

– Easy search: intuitive and simple search means you can find your tracks in seconds and navigate your library relatively fast. This should mean you’re able play some smooth sets when DJing provided you know your music.

– Good value: For a price less than half that of the Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3, this has 90% of the functionalities for half of the price. It may not last as long as a CDJ-1000MK3, but for novice and intermediate DJs it really hits the spot.

– Avoids using a laptop: while you can use a computer with this deck, you don’t have to. In fact, you can just turn up with 2 USB flash drives if you’re DJing that night. Some of us are getting tired of gazing at a laptop screen and like to use something different.


– 2 decks needed: You do have to buy 2 of these decks to mix; 1 deck on its own won’t cut it. You’ll also need to be using a DJ mixer.

– Transporting: while these decks are not huge, transporting them is a little bit more work than with a simple digital DJ console.

Numark NDX800 Review – The Verdict

Numark NDX800 reviewFor DJs ranging from novices looking to learn how to DJ and more experienced DJs who have been playing for a few years in clubs, this is a very decent piece of DJ gear for the price you pay.

I also think it looks cool with a slightly retro design and neon lights that help you find your way around in the dark.

Being able to use several sources of music is reassurance for DJs who are worried about technical problems.

If the tracks on the USB drive fail, just use your MP3 CDs. If they fail, pull out your audio CDs. If that fails, get a PC and use that!

There are those who prefer digital DJ controllers because of the simplicity. For me, as a DJ who learned using CD and vinyl decks, I personally enjoy the fact that you can use a laptop, but that you don’t need it.

It’s refreshing to not take your screen with you sometimes and is actually quite relaxing.

Try it and see.

Now you’ve read my Numark NDX-800 review Find more reviews and compare prices on Amazon.com

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