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Mobile DJ Equipment – Reviews And Gear Recommendations
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Mobile DJ Equipment – Reviews And Gear Recommendations

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Advice on mobile DJ equipment is much easier these days. Why? Because now, mobile DJs are laughing.

Just a few years ago, mobile geezas would pack 800kg of stuff into a heavy duty truck, pay someone to help them, hurt their back in the process, then crash their truck and break all the gear (without insurance) on the way to their event.

And all this was after investing $4k minimum on some hardcore DJ gear.

Nowadays? It’s a breeze.

Mobile DJs going digital

So what do we need now we’re in the digital DJing age? Digital DJing has basically taken over.

And whether you like what it brings to you or whether you’re an old skool mixer using vinyl decks, then think about going digital, whatever you like.

Digital is far easier to pack, the music is on your hard drive, you can carry any kind of music with you (mobile DJs need to) and the setup and packup is far quicker.

And DJ consoles cost less than DJ decks with a mixer. The music also costs far less and is quicker to find.

Mobile DJ Equipment list

Digital DJ Controller with software

  • Laptop
  • Stand
  • Cool robust Headphones
  • Robust audio cables x 2
  • Equipment case or bag (to carry the above)
  • DJ hardcore big room disco amp
  • DJ hardcore big room speakers

Which DJ controller?

If you come from CD and vinyl decks, knowing what DJ controller to get can get you in a bit of a muddle.

What does your controller need to do?

What DJ software does it need to have?

How many decks?

Sound quality? Scratching or not? CD or vinyl simulator?

And it goes on…

Let me help you here. Get yourself a decent mid range DJ console.

Don’t get low cost pap. Its sound quality won’t be up to scratch and it’s unlikely to be robust enough to stand all the bumping around your truck or car will go through.

Qualities you need:

  • robust enough (not industrial strength, but not cheapo)
  • decent sound quality
  • vinyl and CD emulation (preferably scratching)
  • an industry standard mixing software
  • decent search and music organisation facilities (you’ll be scrolling through loads of your tunes)

Fortunately, I provide some decent reviews of the best DJ controllers that you need at decent prices. 

Reviews of great mid range DJ controllers 

Reviews of some cheap DJ equipment

What DJ headphones for mobile DJs?

mobile DJ equipment

Your headphones should be far easier to get.

But again, investing in cheapo gear here is not advised. Mobile DJ equipment gets a rough ride when you travel around and constantly set up your gear, week after week.

And again, robust, strong headphones are the only way forward here.

Investing more will be cheaper in the long run for you.

Why? Because your headphones are mission critical. If they break in the middle of a set you’ll end up DJing like a buffoon and it could ruin your business.

That could cost you a fortune! Instead, get yourself cans that’ll last for years and years.

It’ll be worth it.

Again, I’ve been kind enough to review the best value high end DJ headphones for you.

Feel free to check out some decent models I’ve reviewed. 

Mobile DJ equipment – headphones reviews

DJ lights

Prices of deejay lights have come down so much in recent years everyone could have a strobe in their bedroom for when they get it on for love nights.

Yet again, I’ve reviewed some gear for you. You can even find out where to get it from and some reliable suppliers of lighting. 

DJ lighting recommendations

What other gear is needed?

You need to get a convenient stand to hold up your gear, a case, an amp and speakers.

My reviews are coming up in a follow up guide to mobile DJ equipment.

In the meantime, check out my reviews of headphones or controllers or check out the following articles. 

Building a great DJ website for your mobile business

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