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The Mobile DJ Business And How To Make Money DJing

by Matt · 4 comments

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Success in the mobile DJ business is about making money and enjoying yourself while you do it.

It couldn’t be easier put than that.

mobile DJ businessBut having a mobile DJ business can be tough. Once you have the great idea of becoming a wedding and events DJ the initial excitement fades away when you realise very few or no people are hitting your website to contact you for your services.

It’s just not enough to rely on the local contacts you have. You need to have too many people contacting you for your business.

Your reputation might be great for the people you know but you can’t rely on that forever.

Being successful in the mobile DJ business is all about getting new interesting customers as well as repeat ones.

We know that DJ events and weddings don’t happen every weekend. So how do you generate the kind of interest where you have new customers calling you every day to check your availability?

Make a DJ website

You have surely already thought about this and maybe even invested in making your own DJ website.

It may be a very pretty and attractive website. This is great because it’s important for a business to have a decent image.

But you’ve noticed something: you’re not getting any visitors through that website.

Or you are, but you’re paying a fortune in advertising it, which is doing your cashflow situation no good at all.

Why is your website getting little no traffic?

How to you get people to find your website without paying for it?

It’s time you optimised your site for the search engines.

How to get more traffic and more business

There is a way to get traffic without paying for it.

It’s highly unlikely that the person who made your website is specialised in SEO (search engine optimisation). They are probably great at designing websites, but SEO is a different story altogether.

If they were good at SEO then you’d be getting more natural hits through your website.

Rather than paying for traffic that rarely converts, you can make you site appear in the search pages of Google without paying for advertising. All the top earners manage to do this and it works wonders for their cashflow and profits of course.

Getting more traffic leads to you getting more hits and more business. No more paying for ads, no more relying on yellow pages or putting up posters or flyers.

There are organic, low cost methods to getting your local site out there. Especially in the niche market of mobile DJs.

Website traffic = more business = more money

How to get more mobile DJ business through the Internet

For the mobile DJ business, your website can be your lifeline.

It can be where 60% or more of your business comes from. It’s really worth looking at it to see how you can channel more new customers through the website using natural methods and not paying for them.

Many small business owners, website entrepreneurs and infopreneurs make a decent living by using smart DJ website that gets traffic.

There’s no need to pay web designers and SEO consultants who cost a fortune.

Instead, it’s you who works on your site. The site provides you with the tools to get traffic.

If you’re feeling that you’re not getting the results you need through the Internet, you need to improve your earnings from your mobile DJ business and make more money, then you might like to check it out to see what it can offer you.

Build A DJ website that gets traffic

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1 Jon Jeffs September 12, 2011 at 3:15 am

Interesting stuff. I have DJed at a couple of weddings but didn’t get paid much as it was just for friends.

I don’t quite agree with what you say about mobile DJs not being cool. I know one who does really well from it, not a boring guy at all.


2 Matt September 12, 2011 at 4:29 am

Yes fair enough. We all have different experience Jon Jeffs. I remember the local mobile DJs as having a certain “lack of charisma” when I was a kid and I’ve met others that are…well, just the same! I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions, I just haven’t met them yet.


3 Audrey Mycose September 12, 2011 at 3:16 am

Mobile DJing is ok. My husband does it and I sometimes help out. Didn’t really think a website could help but I guess it does.


4 Matt September 12, 2011 at 4:30 am

Yes Audrey for sure it does. Get your husband’s website set up yourself, you seem quite motivated. You’ll get him more gigs and extra cash = better stuff for you 🙂


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