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Tips On Becoming A DJ – Part 1 – Know Your DJ Music Well

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Know your DJ music well and you’ll have a massive advantage and get DJ gigs more often.

If you are thinking seriously about becoming a DJ and playing regularly, it’s absolutely essential to know your DJ music well.

Don’t think you can wing a set by copying down Pete Tong’s playlist from his website and playing it yourself! That would be heinous.

I’m assuming that you already have a substantial, interesting, diverse and growing music collection and that you know your way around it pretty well.

You know your 60s Motown from your 90s rave to your old skool hip hop, to your newest electro rock floor filler. Or maybe you’re more a specialist disc jockey in 2 or 3 genres, but you know your tunes like the back of your hand regardless.

I find that even when you know all of your DJ music, there is too much information to cram into your conscious mind at any one time. By this, I mean that part of your practice should be trying out new DJ music that you’ve never tried before.

A huge part of being able to get DJ gigs is putting on the right tunes at the right time and for this, you need to know your DJ music inside out.

Here are the top DJ Tips for getting to know your tunes well to get DJ gigs: 

1. Make playlists regularly

Assuming you have a large collection of tracks, aim to make a quality playlist once per week.

When you program the playlist, have a clear picture in your mind of what you want it to deliver, in what settings you would play it and how you would like the people who are listening to feel.

For example, one week you can make a certain type of playlist, the following week program another style and ambiance, entirely different.

Think of these playlists as mini sets which you may play at certain times of the night when you’re DJing: warm up, peak time, closing, bridging.

Try also to program playlists according to genre so you explore your music thoroughly and uncover some gems.

2. Random play

No not random play with the opposite sex. That’s pretty good too, but I mean random play using I-Tunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and your i-pod to randomise your music.

I-Tunes introduced a  function called Genius which many have found very useful for discovering gems they didn’t even know they had. An excellent way of getting to know your DJ music faster.

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