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How To DJ Right – Review On The Best Guide
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How To DJ Right – Review On The Best Guide

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How to DJ Right” (formerly called “How to DJ Properly”) is a comprehensive, complete guide to learning DJ, getting DJ gear, mixing, getting gigs, promoting yourself and making people dance.

How to DJ Right

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming for beginners. There’s lots of information about the best gear, learning how to mix, the dos and don’ts of the deejay world.

You have to spend some money on gear and it’s not always easy knowing how best to use your cash.

Pro DJs

Even for experienced pro DJs, making the transition from analogue to digital can be a big paradigm change and can be confusing.

Changing everything about the way you mix after 20 years can be a bit disorienting. 

How to DJ Right by Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster

This book was first written and published in the late 1990s and still remains the best DJ guide and book around anywhere.

When I was a beginner, there were very few DJ tips or gear guides available on the Internet. Youtube tutorials didn’t exist and all I could find to help me were books.

What book? After reading up and asking more experienced DJs where to start it became clear that only one DJ guide stood out from all the others.

How to DJ Right: The Art and Science of Playing Records

What I love is that they balance the artistic and technical aspects of being a DJ.

This DJ guide is very informative, funny and easy to read with everything you need.

What do you get?

  • How to make a real a music collection
  • How to create your distinctive sound
  • Mixing with vinyl and CDs to elementary record-spinning
  • Mastering skills such as scratching, hot-mixing, and beat-juggling
  • Musical theory and mixing in key
  • Beat timing
  • Equipment guide
  • Promotion tips
  • DJ business and mobile DJs
  • Shaping your sets in clubs
  • Developing intuition to reading crowds

My verdict

There may be a million sites and guides out there for you to check out. But nothing beats having a great book that you can read anywhere (on the plane, on the train) and that cuts through the BS to deliver you straight up great DJ information.

Read and learn the content of this easy to read DJ guide and you will succeed.

I succeeded in getting club gigs by starting off with this DJ book and you can too.

And for $10? You could either get yourself a pizza and a beer, or get this and learn to DJ forever.

I know which one I’d rather choose!

How to DJ Right: The Art and Science of Playing Records

Other DJ books

Are there any other books or DJ guides by Frank Broughton and Bill Brewster?

Yes. And this one is different but just as interesting. Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey tells us more about how the DJ came to be so important in our culture.

This is for when you’ve learnt to DJ already. If you want to improve your DJ knowledge and history of music and culture, then this is for you.

A great and fascinating read, you’ll have an edge over other DJs when it comes to shaping your sets and pulling out old rare gems that you mix with new ones.

This great DJ guide will help you surprise your crowd and give you more depth.

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