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How To DJ – Become A Mixmeister King

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Now the rubber hits the road, you wanna learn how to DJ, how to mix properly and how to perform the best sets you possibly can, opening up doors for you to get amazing offers to gig where you like, get fans, be a star.

how to DJThere is much more to knowing how to DJ than learning how to use DJ equipment to beatmatch and blend.

In fact, a good disc jockey will be the master of several skills simultaneously.

Knowing how to mix and use your gear is just one of these skills.

What else do you need to know?

If you want to play with the best, you’ll need a few more tips!

How to be a DJ – Ten steps towards greatness

1. Know your DJ music

Having a great collection of tunes and knowing them inside out will give a disc jockey rock solid confidence and countless secret weapons up his/her sleeve.

Only by knowing your music so well it becomes a part of you can you become a DJ capable of rocking any party and lifting any atmosphere. 

My top DJ tips on knowing your music

2. Mixing and shaping your set

Learning how to mix your music technically is one thing.

Developing an intuition which tells you how to shape your set isessential for making people have a good time.

This isn’t quite about reading a crowd, it’s more about mixing properly andshaping your set

Here are my top tips on how to mix and shape a set

3. Reading and reacting to the crowd

The DJ who dares watch how the party animals react is the winner.

In the land of the blind DJs, the one eyed and two eared DJ is king. Or something.

No matter how good your mixing skills are, you need to learn how to read a crowd and how to react to them.

I’d say this is even more important than knowing how to mix and what separates the very good from the mediocre.

If you want to know how to DJ right, you need to master this intuitive skill.

Need to learn how to read a crowd and fast? My tips can help you.

4. DJ Promotion

Knowing how to DJ is also about self promotion.

That not be what you want to hear, but it’s true.

By being able to sell yourself well, you’ll be able to prise open a load of new doors, getting yourself better gigs and being paid more for them.

Your ability to develop relationships and promote yourself is essential to your success.

My advice for effective DJ promotion and getting better gigs. 

Which is the best DJ Guide you can get?

Apart from reading through my advice on here you should think about getting yourself a book or an ebook which you can refer to and read when you like.

IF you’re really serious about DJing and want to get the best gigs, you should be picking up DJ guides and books along your way and reading them.

After all, you can pick them up for as little as ten dollars.

What’s 10 bucks these days? The price of a McDonald’s and a beer.

Skip your Maccy D’s and beer for once, and get yourself a book which’ll bring far more to your life instead.

If you don’t like books then getting video guides to learn to DJ work really well for many of us who prefer it.

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