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Who is the greatest top DJ of all time? Mixmag says..
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Who is the greatest top DJ of all time? Mixmag says..

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in DJ Culture

Mixmag recently conducted a poll to find who people think is the greatest top DJ of all time. Their readers voted over 4 months, they recently compiled the top ten greatest ever DJs.

In true countdown style, I’m gonna start at ten and count down.

At the end, I give my opinion on the greatest top DJ.

And let me know what you think about it too. Is it bullshit, or do you agree with it?

Not enough old timers in the greatest list? You decide.

10. 2ManyDJs

In at ten we have 2manyDJs. Also known as Soulwax, this Belgian duo have not only made countless productions and dancefloor bangers that have rocked parties everywhere but have also given DJs like me plenty of good ammo for playing in clubs.

Their breakthrough moment was in 2001 when they released the 2manyDjs mix CD which was as eclectic as you get.

Having seen them rock it live and played their tunes countless times, I pretty much agree with them being in the top ten. I don’t disagree at least.

9. Tony De Vit

The legendary Tony De Vit passed away in 1998, just after his peak releases of the mid 90s made him famous.

Undoubtedly a talented artist, but does Tony deserve to be in the top ten and just 8 positions from the greatest top DJ?

Tony was and still is an icon in the gay community as well as elsewhere and was hugely influential.

But this is the top ten best ever DJs. I’m not sure he had quite the impact to merit this ranking.

Maybe some nostalgia played its part here?

8. Sasha

Welshman and UK institution Sasha learnt his trade in Acid House during the 80s.

Acid house was so good to me that any great DJ of that time would get my vote.

But Sasha went on and battled his way through early 90s rave and later teamed up with Digweed.

The 90s saw them both release countless mixes, remixes and their own tracks under the Renaissance label.

Sasha’s been in the top ten DJs since I can remember and is still touring and blasting out dancefloors as I write this.

7. Paul Van Dyk

A trance obsessed multi-million album selling king of the dancefloor, Van Dyk is a legendary and mystical figure.

Built in the 90s and made stronger in the noughties, the German Van Dyk is known for his climatic sets and playing many of his own tunes.

Producing his own dancefloor hits and 5 albums has propelled Van Dyk into the top ten DJs regularly since the early noughties.

6. Ricardo Villalobos

Villalobos is of Chilean origin but grew up in Germany.

Naming Depeche Mode as his strongest influence, his sets are rich and overwhelming.

I’ve never seen him play but I admit I’m surprised he’s in the top ten.

Top 50 maybe, but there are other DJs who’ve had far more influence on dance music than Ricardo, talented as he may be.

Then again, I’ve never heard him play.

5. Carl Cox

A real pillar of the DJing world, Carl grew up in the 70s with funk and disco ringing in his ears.

He would go and buy records by the likes of Brass Construction while his mates would play football.

UK institution Carl became more famous in the 90s for his legendary parties and mixing style. He was the first famous deejay to master and mix with 4 decks at a time.

Since then, he’s still going strong. His warm personality, big smile and of course his house music have reached millions all over the world. 

4. Andy C

Now I bet many of you new to DJing don’t have a clue who Andy C is.

This guy is a drum’n’bass legend and pioneered certain styles of d’n’b.

I hope you all know what d’n’b is!

I’ve played his tracks whilst DJing myself and I’ve gotta say, his production along with his innovative mixing style is genius.

I’m sure loads of people disagree but I think this guy totally deserves a top ten spot.

Big up for keeping d’n’b on the map! 

3. Sven Vath

Sven Vath is cool. Cooler than everyone you and I both know.

And he’s racked up 3 points for Germany with 3 DJs in the greatest top DJ ten best ever.

Now a veteran of the scene, Sven became worldwide in the 90s and has kept on innovating since with his techno label, Cocoon records.

Unpredictable, cool and born on the dancefloor, Sven deserves his place.

2. Richie Hawtin

Canadian Hawtin (or Plastikman) is pretty phenomenal. His pioneering mixing techniques, numerous remixes and ability to set a dancefloor on fire have made a mark on dance music culture.

The number 2 greatest top DJ ever? I don’t think so. But he definitely deserves a top ten spot.

1. Tiesto

Yes you knew it would be Tiesto, I knew it too.

The Dutch master rolls in on the top spot. Boorrrring.

Sitting happily in the rankings at number one every year since, um..my memory still worked? Is he really the greatest top DJ ever ever?

I don’t agree.

Personally, I don’t think he’s that great. He is great, but not at DJing.

But I don’t see what he does that’s better than anyone else.

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