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DJ Promotion Tips – Part 1 For Getting Gigs!
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DJ Promotion Tips – Part 1 For Getting Gigs!

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Everyone needs some DJ promotion tips on getting club gigs. You may know how to DJ in your bedroom now, but the next stage is completely different.

Now you’re almost ready to go outside, you’re itching to get your first gig and start playing in bars and then clubs.

You’ve read all about how to DJyou’ve been practicing using the tips provided to know your music like the back of your hand and you’ve been following the advice given in reading the crowd. 

You’re starting to feeling confident in your abilities now.

‘Hold on’ you say, ‘but I have nowhere to play out, what do I do now?’

First of all, grab your FREE guide Twelve Proven Techniques To Get Top DJ Gigs In Night Clubs

Then read on and follow the rest of the advice that got me into getting great DJ gigs.

You sell yourself

Knowing some smart DJ promotion tips can make all the difference here.

The average disc jockey who can master DJ promotion and persuade venue owners and promoters around to his or her way of thinking will get MORE gigs than the talented but shy bedroom geek mixmaster.

That may sound unfair to you but that’s how it is and you should adapt to that if you want to get better gigs.

Fortune favours the brave and confident.

Here are a few DJ promotion tips and tricks for getting pro club gigs and even for starting off at parties, bars and events. 

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1. Record a top DJ demo CD

You guessed it, the quality DJ demo CD is king in the land of DJ promotion.

You should see the demo CD as you would see your CV for getting a new job.

That means it has to be perfectly well done, no matter how many times you have to redo it again and again, it will be worth it.

It may also mean that you need to record 2 or 3 different promo CDs and adapt your style to the person you’re giving the demo to.

I have plenty of advice to give you on creating the ultimate demo or promo CD. 

Tips on creating a demo CD that will open doors to big clubs 

2. Get to know the decision makers

In some places especially, people tend to hire someone they know rather than someone they don’t know, regardless of their talent.

People want to be sure they can trust the guy or girl who’s gonna be shaping the atmos of their bar, club or venue, it’s really important. The disc jockey is king. Or queen.

Make contacts to get gigs

So what’s the message here? Get to know who does what. Find promoters, owners and decision makers.

Be friendly and open, talk to the people about what interests them and you’ll find establishing a rapport becomes a breeze.

Make making contacts part of your habits and aim to find out who does what and where.

Hang out in clubs and meet people

Hang around in the places you want to mix at, get to find out who controls the disc jockey roster and introduce yourself.

Don’t immediately jump in and start trying to say how good you are or ask for a gig straight up. That won’t get you anywhere.

Make friends first, do things for people without expecting anything back.

Offer to help people out in some way, related to parties or events but without personal gain for you.

You may not appear to get anything back right away. This is a subtle DJ promotion trick after all.

When you get to know people better and they find out you DJ too, there’s a good chance you’ll get offered to play without you having to drum up a sales pitch.

The key point here to getting club gigs is developing good relations with the right people.

A Natural Mystic blowing through the air

Naturally, there will be times when the person organising the DJs manages several different clubs.

The person may be mysterious, busy and hard to find. You never see them and they’re pretty hard to locate.

In this case, get their telephone number and call up, introducing yourself as a DJ, briefly explaining what you’ve done.

Send your demo CD and call back a few days afterwards, just to get their opinion. You’ll need to read up on more aspects of DJ promotion and tips on getting club gigs to have a chance of playing here.

It may not be as easy as making friends with someone.

You’ll have to be more convincing at selling yourself and persevere.

3. Get to know other DJs in your area

If you’re serious about wanting to play out, if it’s a burning desire inside you, then you’ll find yourself starting to speak about it to your friends and spreading the word.

Your friends will start to introduce you to people who are similar to you.

They’ll suddenly remember they met a cool disc jockey 2 weeks ago or that they know someone who’s bought a bar or small club and is looking for new DJs.

This is a guerilla DJ promotion technique: using your name in small amounts but very often.

Meet them, get to know them, ask them about gigging and their experiences in your area.

Find a DJ mentor who is more experienced

Eventually, they may introduce you to some decision makers and help you get gigs. DJs help each other out as long as they don’t see you as competition.

Finding a mentor can give you a massive leg up. Many of today’s top DJs had mentors who shaped their lives.

The mentor can help hook you up with people who’ll get you straight into gigs.

You’ll have to be good and love what you do. You’ll have to be ready.

If you’ve got quality and passion, the chances of getting a good mentor are much higher.

More of an Internet geek?

If you find it hard to meet other DJs socially or you simply don’t have any where you live, then go on music forums and make yourself active.

Try to spread the word by starting topics about DJs in your local area and see if you can hook up for a drink with them.

This could save you a lot of time and effort for getting gigs.

Post links to your cool DJ website asking for feedback and use forums as a way of getting the word out about you.

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