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Club DJ Promotion Tips! Part 3 On How To Play In Clubs
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Club DJ Promotion Tips! Part 3 On How To Play In Clubs

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DJ Club Promotion is getting to play in clubs by using clever techniques.

Many DJs have done this, but hardly any of them will admit it. They prefer to keep their tricks on getting club gigs to themselves in case everyone starts to use them!

Make a video of you DJing

“You can look pretty o in my video!” Know that tune by ODB? Well you should do! Call yourself a DJ?

Making a video of you DJing and sticking it on youtube, facebook, myspace and maybe vimeo is a must and a smart DJ club promo trick.

Make sure you look cool

Now, this video should really be about you DJing to a hot crowd. That way, you’ll be able to promote yourself easily in the eyes of club organisers.

It could be a 3 minute demo showing images or real video footage of you.

Who are these DJs and how did they get top gigs in clubs?

These two DJs used to play in and around Paris and get plenty of gigs in top clubs.

They were around 50 years old and had a very original style. They play a niche electro-swing style. This is not only a niche that no other DJs have exploited in Paris, but it’s also a fashionable one (burlesque, old jazz swing electro) and people dance to it a lot.

I have no idea what they do now but credit to them for their quality promo ideas and DJ club promotion skills.

Why their promotion video works

Notice how there is little footage of them actually DJing.

The video is pasted together in a way which shows many people dancing. It’s propaganda for their night.

For all we know, people only danced for 2 minutes that night and they used that footage, spread out.

How good are these guys at DJing?

As it happens, these guys were actually pretty good with making certain crowds dance, so this video is an accurate presentation.

You as a beginner, can strap together a video using Sony Vegas or even Windows Movie Maker showing girls dancing and jumping back to you DJing in order to get a gig.

It had better look real and be professionally done though.

Ask a film friend or student to do a promotional vid for you and return the favour by either paying them or taking them to a restaurant.

Videos are best for convincing promoters

This is great for convincing the promoter that you are indeed amazing and have people fighting to book you. If it gets you that gig, then you’re in there.

You’d better perform as well on the night as it looks as though you are in the video though, otherwise you’re finished and your ass is grass.

And make sure your video has a few hundred views before sending it to anyone. Promoters don’t want some 20 youtube views loser.

Pro looking photos as well as a video

I don’t necessarily recommend it, but I have seen some DJs promote themselves with pics of them DJing on decks.

The images are still and very pro, with the lighting perfectly adjusted. If you look carefully through all their pics you’ll notice they have no photos of any live gig whatsoever.

These are a total beginners, pretending to be experienced.

Sometimes they end up convincing some promoter that they are hot property though, because they do eventually get gigs with these photos.

Again, I don’t really recommend this though and don’t like it.

I’d prefer for you to take pics of you DJing in a party or at a warm up gig.

Play at clubs during the warm up spot for free

Have you ever been to a club early for any reason at all, before all the people get there?

Empty isn’t it? And it smells funny. The staff aren’t quite ready and seem to be busy and some guy is messing around with the sound or putting on background music.

If you’ve never played in a club before, this is the spot you can aim for to get your photos did.

Get your photos did when warming up

Get a friend to take pics of you when you’re posing on the equipment.

There won’t be any people around, but some photos of you in a real club (make sure the club logo or name is visible on a picture) are certainly worth taking.

Having a photo of you mixing on club equipment is far more convincing to any promoter or club owner that you have good experience.

Take as many pics as possible in different mix poses so you look as pro and experienced as possible.

How to get a warm up club gig

Warm up club gigs are far easier to get than any other slot.

The best way is to seek out and make friends with other DJs who are playing peak slots.

Hand out your card, use the Internet and hang out where other DJs hang out.

If you’re lucky and get to know a club promoter, he or she can also stick you on before the main act.

You have to be reassuring and tell the promoters that you’ll pave the way for the main act and that’s what you’re good at. 

My top tips can help you do the perfect club warm up gig

Pretend you’re a promoter

A hot tip unknown to most is calling up clubs pretending you’re an agent for DJs.

You’ll need to have a credible website and to put on a different voice to your normal one.

You’ll also need to be pretty nippy and quick with people, like a fast talking smooth salesman.

Of course, you’ll be promoting yourself and some other DJ friend maybe. The idea is simply to get the gig, so make friends with the club promoter guy on the phone and discuss the possiblity of getting some fresh new DJs in.

Try to get an idea first of all what he or she wants for their night, then adapt your pitch to it.

Not for shy people, but is totally possible.

Just remember that people want lots of your fans and friends in there. You have to convince them this will be the case.

You’ll ideally need a website and/or email address along with a good pseudo.

Not a lot of people know that 😉

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