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Get DJ Gigs More Often – Find More Bookings!
Get DJ Gigs

Get DJ Gigs More Often – Find More Bookings!

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How do you get DJ gigs more often? It’s all very well learning how to mix and cook up a great set after building your collection of DJ music but where do you go from there?

Don’t try telling me you want to stay in your bedroom, mixing to your housemates or parents, or your cat!

The whole point in DJing is to play DJ gigs, make people go crazy on the dancefloor, be cool and get paid for it all.

Does that sound good to you? Because I can tell you, once you start to get DJ gigs you’ll see why you sweated away learning to DJ for all that time and above all, how it’s worth it for making people dance and feel happy.

Did you ever wonder how that average guy got to mix behind the decks in that club when you could probably do a much better job?

Me too!

The great news is that you can get DJ gigs.

So where do you go and how? Read on..

1. Pick up my free guide to getting DJ gigs in clubs

DJ Promo GuideMy free guide Twelve Proven Techniques To Get Top DJ Gigs In Night Clubs will help you on your way to getting DJ gigs fast!

Go there now, and don’t waste any time trawling through websites and blogs. All the information is in my guide to help you work your way into clubs and get to know the right people who are going to get you the best DJ gigs.

Get it now.

Twelve Proven Techniques To Get Top DJ Gigs In Night Clubs

2. Create your unique DJ sound

If you haven’t done it already, it’s time you created your unique DJ sound.

What kind of DJ are you?

I sincerely hope you aren’t one who just copies other DJs.

Because, if you knew how to create your own unique DJ sound, you wouldn’t even have to try hard to play cool gigs.

A DJ with his or her own style and sound is one who gets invted to play gigs more often and with less effort.

This is the kind of DJ you should be to get DJ gigs more often and more easily. 

How to make your own DJ sound

3. Make a DJ website

You need your own DJ website.

Every other average DJ is promoting themselves using facebook and thinking that they’re great.

And so they should be.

But you need to have an edge on these other DJs. You need to build you own cool DJ website to put your photos, mixes and events listings on.

Where do you go for this?

Luckily, I tell you exactly how to start. 

Get DJ gigs by creating an easy DJ website

4. Learn how to meet people

Meeting people in the right places is essential to your success in playing at the best clubs.

You don’t want to mix to 10 people in a house party when you could be playing to 300 on a packed out club dancefloor.

Getting to know the right people is key to success in the DJing industry. 

Network for success in DJ jobs!

5. Find a guide that reveals insider industry secrets

Get DJ gigsWhat better way to get to play the best gigs than to read a guide to getting the best club gigs, written by a successful DJ!

I grew up listening to sets by Danny Rampling, a true founder of the electronic dance music scene that we know today.

The best way to learn insider secrets about getting the best, most highly paid gigs than from a highly successful DJ is to grab this guide now while it’s still available.

Get one of these guides before other DJs do, and get your foot on the DJ gigs ladder now!

How Danny Rampling’s guide to DJing and industry secrets can help you to become a successful DJ.

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