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Find DJ Music – Locate Vinyl And CDs Easier!
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Find DJ Music – Locate Vinyl And CDs Easier!

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Looking for DJ music can be easy or hard.

If you aren’t into digital DJing and you’re playing out on vinyl and CD, you can still take advantage of the Internet to find records and gain time.

In order to help you with finding the hottest DJ music, here are some tips and tricks to help guide you to getting the best tunes and in less time.

1. You play with vinyl DJ music

Vinyl DJs and enthusiasts, here you go.

You’ll have to visit a good few shops in your area before deciding on which record shop to set up camp at.

Having one or sometimes two record shops as your main, regular one(s) is a good idea for finding the best music tailored to your taste, as establishing a relationship with the people who work there can help you a lot.

What kind of shop you choose as your regular will be your choice, but we recommend it should have a mixture of old and new records on its shelves and should be reasonable in terms of prices.

Find helpful staff and make friends with them

Having staff who know their records is also a major plus point and you should tell them you’re a DJ or you’ll be DJing soon, so they’ll know how important finding music is to you.

The staff who push vinyl will start to recognise your face after a few visits and will remember your tastes, hopefully they’ll then keep records aside for you if you ask nicely. This can only be good for you.

 Listen to tracks before buying

Always listen to a track before purchasing, no matter what. Also, remember that the system they use in the shop is a great one and designed to enhance the quality of the music you play.

Of course it is! Don’t be amazed when it only sounds half as good on low cost hifi speakers at home.

You’re the boss

Remember too that vinyl pushers are experts in exactly that: pushing records, so make yourself the boss. They are slick salesmen, so if you don’t trust them go and find another one, or change record store.

You decide what to buy and no one else and listening to the records carefully, maybe more than once, is often necessary.

Spend time looking through the archives, check out some older stuff, go where other punters don’t go. Be original and find tunes which no one else is looking for. Uncover some gems from that dusty box in the corner.

Know what you want? Order vinyls over the Internet

If you know what you want then just buy it on the Internet. Easy right? Many sites let you listen to their music first. If they don’t then just find it on youtube and listen.

You can even browse, just as though you were in a record shop.

My tip: use a reliable and reputed vinyl online store.

Records By Mail is where you can find some rare vinyls.

It takes weeks to sometimes wait for your record to drop into your local store. Give them a try, see if they have what you’re looking for.

Vinyl Obsessed? Records By Mail can help!

2. You play with CDs

 If you are building up a DJ music CD collection then many of the tips described to help you find vinyl are relevant to finding CDs too.

Many record stores sell CDs as well and you can flit through them at the same time.

CD burning

In this day and age many people are simply burning digital MP3s to CD and playing using CD-Rs for convenience’s sake.

This is a far faster way of finding your beloved lost 1991 rave tune that you pined after for 14 years: use the Internet to find either the MP3, wave or the CD itself.

Simply, going shopping for rare CDs is far quicker if you use sites like Amazon for DJs and other online stores.

You’ll find what you’re searching for very fast and won’t have to leave the comfort of your own front room.

Watch out for collectors’ CD sets and special limited edition box sets or mastered editions: you can set up Amazon so that it mails you when they become available.

A specially remastered set can be a collector’s item and may be worth something to you as only so many will be printed.

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