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Create A DJ Website Easily And Fast!
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Create A DJ Website Easily And Fast!

by Matt · 3 comments

in DJ Gigs

Most DJs don’t bother building or creating a DJ website. Why? Because they don’t know how EASY it really is!

Yep, a website is a doddle once you know how to get started.

If you’ve downloaded my free guide to getting club gigs you’ll have seen that one of the DJ promotion techniques I strongly recommend is to build a DJ website.

No need for flashy graphics, special funked up design and 3D soundsystem comin’ at ya from the screen. And anyway, big flashy sites are crap because they take AGES to load on your screen.

Not to mention, you’d have to pay some designer and programmer to make a site like that site for you. That would cost money!

What you want instead is a simple website you can set up by yourself.

Building an easy DJ website the simple way

All you need is to follow these steps.

1. Find A Name 

Think of a cool domain name which is the same as your DJ moniker or similar. For example,www.djcrash.com

2. Register The Name

Once you’ve decided on your website domain name, head over to get a special low priced domain offer at GoDaddy.com! You’ll find competitive prices, a reliable support service and add-on services for your domain name if you need them.

3. Get Web Hosting

Once you’ve registered your domain name, you’re sorted, but you need to find good, reliable and cheap web hosting.

Web hosting is what keeps your website running 24/7, lets you manage your website bandwidth database, email addresses and a whole load of other tools that you probably won’t use.

What you need is web hosting that doesn’t ever let you down AND is an excellent deal.

A massive bonus is a web hosting program that lets you install WordPress.

The installation of WordPress with your host only takes 5 minutes or so for most people and it’s so easy that non-technical people can do it.

So which host is the best according to DJ website criteria?

I use HostGator because of the easy WordPress install, the low price (from $5-6 per month) and their reputation for being the best.

There are others too for the same price, but I go for the safe and trusted hosting plan here because Hostgator’s support is really excellent.

By the way, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can use web hosting based in any country. USA web hosting has a solid reputation, but you can choose where you like.

4. Learn WordPress Next step!

WordPress is by far the best option for your website. It has a multitude of plugins and widgets, looks great and is super easy to manage for you. You’ll save yourself so much time by simply learning WordPress. My site was in html format beforehand and I really should have switched over to WordPress earlier. Html is such a pain, and you waste so much time when you compare WordPress to it.

WordPress is something you can either learn yourself or for those who need to get up and running fast, just get access to some WordPress learning videos that get you quickly rocking with a great looking site for a few dollars.

5. Make Your Pages

First up, create your theme. There are both free and paid for themes. The choice is yours to use, but just remember you can customize your site.

Build 3 pages to start with:

a) Homepage with photos and short biography with contact details

b) Embedded mixes

c) Upcoming events and gigs list

Keep the design as simple as possible, and add your photos! Make sure your photos look cool. Don’t add any pics you took when drunk on the decks. Don’t add blurred photos or sweaty pics. Pro pics will get you more gigs.

6. Add More Content

Now you can add some blog articles to your website, giving people info on events, music albums you like, the life of a DJ and so on. The blog can be ongoing.

7. Post Links 

Once you’ve finished building your site, post links to your website on & various forums asking for opinions of people. Use your website as a link in your signature and comment on DJ related blogs too.

8. Add website to card

Add your website domain name to your business card.


You see how creating an easy DJ website is possible?

It’s cheap as well! For just $7.99 per year, you can buy and register the domain name and make it yours.

From just $5.99 per month (or even $2.99 for lower cost options) you can get hosting for your website. That’s the price of a coffee in some places, easily worth what it’ll bring you back in terms of DJ gigs.

Confused? Don’t worry!

Here’s a little recap for you:

1. Register your domain cheap style with a reputed registar: GoDaddy.com

2. Choose web hosting with these guys, because they have a really easy to understand interface and great support: HostGator

3. Install WordPress. If you don’t know how then check out these WordPress learning videos.

Remember, you’ll need to log into your Godaddy account and change the nameservers! HostGator will provide you with the correct nameserver settings.

After that, you’re good to go!

Enjoy setting up your DJ website easy style.

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1 Pedro August 12, 2011 at 7:22 am

I guess we don’t have to use WordPress right? I’m not a pro in website design but why use it? There is dreamweaver and flash and lots of other ways to make a site.


2 Josh T August 12, 2011 at 7:23 am

I don’t have a website and I still get plenty of gigs. Not everyone needs one and if you’re good at getting contacts (I am) then you’ll get to play decent gigs. Like me 🙂


3 Jeff Man Power September 12, 2011 at 3:29 am

WordPress is really simple to use. Of course you don’t have to use it but it’s the plugins that make it easy.

When I set up a new gig and add the details of the event on my DJ site, I have this plugin on my WordPress site which publishes it in facebook right away, so all my friends can see. You can’t get that in Dreamweaver or those other crappy tools.


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