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DJ Jobs – 5 Tips On How To Get Club Gigs
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DJ Jobs – 5 Tips On How To Get Club Gigs

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Once you start getting real DJ jobs, news doors start opening to present you with other, better opportunities for cooler gigs.

If you’re passionate, motivated, you know your music and gear well and you have the right attitude, your first DJ job will be that crucial foot on the ladder to success in DJing.

These 5 tips and nuggets of advice from an experienced DJ can help you gain an advantage over other competing DJs in your area.

1. Know how to DJ

This may sound too obvious to mention but it’s not!

I’ve seen so many DJs talk their way into gigs through “friends of friends” and arriving at their set clearly not knowing the difference between a crossfader and a girl’s pair of breasts.

I’ve seen DJs playing the same tunes in the same order only one hour after they first played them. No really I have.

They’re never invited back to play.

What you need to do

You should only be punting for real gigs when you’ve at least got a grasp of the basics of your equipment, mixing techniques and especially your tunes.

Without this you’ll fall flat on your nose after 45 minutes of putting on your best tunes.

You should ideally be getting a book on DJing or online tutorial guide.

The articles below can help you make a start. 

The best guides to DJing

2. Have enough music

One thing that struck me about my first few gigs was that I never had enough music.

Then I got more music. Then loads more, then I kept going and I’m still going now.

You need loads of good tunes. You always think you have loads at the start, then you realise that you can’t play to different crowds because you can’t vary your genre.

You need to able to switch genres or at least to be able to vary within your genre. All the top DJs can do this. 

My tips on how to find DJ music

3. Make contacts

Networking doesn’t come naturally to all of us but it can surprise you how easy it can be at times.

Networking is just like making friends.

Everywhere I’ve go, I’m drawn to other music lovers and they are drawn to me. It’s soooo easy to get on with other crazy music fans, even if they have a different personality to you.

If you want DJ jobs then you’re going to have to network. See it as part of your life.

Hang out with other DJs, hang out in bars and clubs where you want to play. Chat about music and make friends.

After a while of doing this getting DJ jobs will become far easier for you.

4. Self promotion

We don’t all love doing this but self promo is an essential part of DJing.

Imagine, your DJ friend asks a club promoter if you can play on a week night at the trendy club in town.

What does the promoter do first? He checks out your photos and fans on facebook, your website and maybe your mixes on soundcloud too.

(By the way, soundcloud have announced they’re not letting people upload mixes anymore, but we’ll see).

You need a presence on the Internet, whether it’s using a website, promo CD, facebook or soundcloud. Or preferably all of these.

You need to get your hair did. 

Tips on DJ Promotion 

How to make a DJ website

5. Hustle Hustle Grind Grind

I’m a hustler baby, yeah that’s what my Daddy made me…

Hustling means being pro-active. It doesn’t mean being a pest and annoying people by calling them every ten minutes.

People will make you wait to know if you got the gig or not. They’ll make you call a few times before you find out.

You may get disappointed, you’ll get a few knocks on the way.

But you’ll have to persevere and be cool and positive.

This means always showing your initiative to people without being in their face.

Getting DJ jobs should be easy once you get the ball rolling with these techniques.

Make them part of your habits and understand that this is a part of DJing.

Be open, friendly and talk to as many people in music as you can, learn how to DJ properly and be proactive.

Once you get your first few small gigs, then you can start working your way up and get club DJ sets too. Then you’ll be rolling.

DJ Danny Rampling’s guide to DJing and industry secrets can help you get gigs and become a great DJ

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