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DJ Equipment Rental – Tips On Party Gear!
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DJ Equipment Rental – Tips On Party Gear!

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Why choose DJ equipment rental? Shouldn’t you just buy the best gearand be done with it?

So what if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy high end DJ equipment and gear? Simple, try DJ equipment rental instead.

Wherever you are, it’s easy to find some local shop who’ll rent out audio gear to you for a night or two.

I was in the countryside to play at a wedding once and we found a shop in this village which was in the middle of nowhere.

You only have to check the Internet or phone directory.

I bet that some ads on my site are advertising DJ equipment rental now, as you read this.

So go and click them so I can earn cash for ME.

Just kidding.

Why should I find DJ equipment rental?

I used to get smacked as a kid for saying “Why should I?”

But as no one’s smacking anyone and this is a website, I can tell you the reasons why finding DJ equipment rental can be extremely helpful for you. Here’s why.

You can hire equipment out that you could never afford

We’re not all loaded and able to buy a brand new, state of the art, Pioneer DJ2000 along with the latest Allen & Heath mixer, a video deck, a new Mac, Wharfedale speakers, a Kaoss sampler and Dr Dre headphones. Indeed. Who can actually afford all that?


Not really. No, not even me, with my vast and expansive fortune from “coupla hundred a night gigs”, can spare that kind of cash.DJ CD players

So what better than getting your beefy meathooks around some of this incredibly cool gear?

You could say it’s kind of like spending the night with Scarlett Johansson in terms of equipment.

Just one night though. A bit like Robert Redford does in “Indecent Proposal”. Except YOU won’t be paying a million.

If you’ve learnt about the products beforehand and you’re quite tech savvy, then there’s no reason why you can’t lay on an amazing night with this delicious equipment.

You can put on a massive par-tay

Naturally, with 800 watt industrial speakers and the mixer and cables to match, the size of your party could be beyond even your wildest dreams.

Putting on such a night is one of the best possible ways to promote yourself of course and get way better gigs. than you did before.

You’ll leapfrog about 3 different levels of DJ Obviously, you’ll have to do pretty well and have followed my DJ tips on reading the crowd in order for the night to be a success.

This one’s a biggie after all and you never know who could be there.

You’ll save on transport costs to get your stuff to the event

Indeed, dragging your 12 heavy, 50 kilo bags to a car, then from your car to the venue can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

Or, you may live in the city and have to take public transport for some of the way. Nightmare!

Sometimes, it’s less hassle and even cheaper to hire stuff and most times, the guys who you’re hiring from can even deliver it all to your venue and pick it up afterwards if you’re nice enough to them.

How’s that for service?

You won’t damage your own goods

You can take out an insurance cover so the electronics aren’t paid for by you in case some drunk girl spills her champagne on your incredible new CD Decks and causes the latest release by Digitalism to sound like Flo Rida instead.

“No stress guys. I have it covered.”

This is what you say with a knowing smile as you replace that dodgy, champagne rinsed deck with the DJ laptop and DJ console so as to ensure there aren’t any breaks and your DJ mixing is solid.


Not only did you get to play with amazing cool electronic audio and blast massive noise out of the speakers to the many party animals at your fat nightbut you didn’t damage or even risk your own stuff. Life is good.

And you were covered!

Anything else to make this a great night?

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