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Discount DJ Equipment – How To Find Wholesale Priced Gear
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Discount DJ Equipment – How To Find Wholesale Priced Gear

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When I first started DJing, I was looking for the best budget and discount DJ equipment and gear.

After all, I didn’t have much cash and wanted to be sure it would be perfectly well spent.

Moreover, I wanted my gear and my supplier to be reliable. If ever there was a problem, I wanted to be able to get it fixed fast.

After all, missing a gig because of a slow repair service just isn’t acceptable.

Fortunately, since my early days, the Internet has evolved and now enables us compare reviews, prices and reliability very easily.

Nowadays when I buy gear, I read all the reviews I can first. I only buy from a reputed and trusted supplier too.

But you don’t have to go and look for wholesale equipment suppliers in China. You can find one locally if you follow my advice and get similar prices.

So here are my top tips for finding discount and bargain gear.

1. Check the service terms: DJ gear with a guarantee and adequate after sales service

DJ gear is mission critical. You can’t afford to miss gigs because of some dodgy repair service or unscrupulous sales person.

You don’t want to find some apparently great discount DJ equipment only to pay a fortune in repair fees 6 months later.

You may be looking for some great deals and that’s what you should be doing.

But don’t buy from some wholesaler who will pretend he’s never heard of you when your CD deck breaks after playing 2 gigs.

Wholesale and discount DJ equipment is pretty hard to find. In addition to getting the best prices, make sure you find out about their after sales service and guarantee.

 The supplier’s returns policy has to be clearly stated and with a telephone number to speak to customer service.

If there’s no customer service or it’s hidden away in the corner of their website then forget about them.

A good supplier will be proud of their after sales service and will sell it to you.

2. Get the best DJ gear but at discount prices

A bit like when a new Mac or iPhone comes out, audio gear is higly priced during the first few months after its release and then goes down in price after a few months.

Likewise, you shouldn’t be looking to jump on the latest DJ gadget fad because it’s meant to be cool.

That just ain’t cool.

Wait until it’s been reviewed and you’re certain that it’s reliable and trustworthy.

By that time, 3-6 months later, the prices will have decreased by around 20% with a bit of luck and your chances of finding discount DJ equipment will have increased. You don’t need to have the latest stuff right away because everyone else does.

You’re looking for 2 conditions to be satisfied here: price and reliability.

3. Once you’ve decided on a supplier, negotiate the price

A hot tip for getting discount DJ equipment is to negotiate the prices. Once you’ve identified a top supplier who offers competitive prices, an after sales service, a warranty that reassures you, and who has convincing customer reviews, then call them.

In fact, try to find 2 different potential suppliers of discount DJ equipment. If you have anything else you want to buy, then it’s better for you to buy everything at once if you can.

Why? Because with a bigger order, you’ll be able to craftily negotiate the price with the supplier.

Call the supplier and remind them of all the stuff that you’re about to buy. Tell them you don’t have much cash. Mention that you’re a new customer and before, you were looking at competitor X.

You still don’t know yet. But if this supplier gives you a welcome discount, then you’ll send him or her the order.

Be hard but fair. If they don’t want to give you a 10-15% discount, politely tell them you’ll start looking at the competitor’s products too. Don’t give in because they say no.

Remind them you don’t have much cash again. And did I mention, you’re a great DJ and you’ll be buying gear for life if they give you a price reduction? We’re looking at thousands of dollars here.

Of course, you don’t want to go looking around his competitors, but of course, you’ll have to if they don’t make an effort.

Eventually, a good supplier will either give you a reduction or throw in a free pair of speakers. So have some speakers or headphones on your list that you want for free if they offer you this option instead.

4. Use compare tools on their websites

Once you’ve decided on what you want, don’t just send the order to a supplier because they look good.

This supplier should be offering you these goods at the best prices on the web. If not, then they’ll need to match them.

Say you want an Allen & Heath Xone 92. You’ve had your eye on it for 2 weeks to see if the price is changing and you’ve found it and supplier X. Now, supplier Z is doing it for 5% cheaper. You know, because you did a copy and paste on google and found lower prices.

Call supplier X and tell them to match supplier Z’s price. They should do it for you. After all, you’ve done them a favour by revealing a competitor’s price to them.

5. Go and see them

People often respond better face to face. If they’re not too far away, then go and see them. They may have offers going on in the showroom that you didn’t know about.

They’ll be willing to let you try out their DJ equipment and mess around with it. So take some tunes down with you. Spend some time in their and build a bit of rapport with the sales guy. It’ll be harder for him not to give you a discount when he likes you!

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