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Digital DJ And Disadvantages – Why You Should NOT Do It
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Digital DJ And Disadvantages – Why You Should NOT Do It

by Matt · 0 comments

in DJ Culture

Becoming a digital DJ is the current trend, like it or not. But what are the disadvantages of playing music for people this way?

I’ve played every kind of format from vinyl, to CD, to CD-R, to wave to MP3.

I can tell you honestly and openly that not everything pleases me about it.

But why would I tell anyone about the advantages of digital DJing only to turn around and say why I don’t like it?

I’m just presenting both sides of the debate here folks. That way, you can make your mind up about it all yourselves.

So, what isn’t so cool about digital DJing?

It just doesn’t look as cool

There’s something decidedly unfunky about a computer screen and jiggling your hands a bit on a USB controller. You push far too many buttons and sometimes it looks like you’re checking your facebook instead of mixing.

It’s better at least when the screen has the Apple logo on it or funky stickers. But it just doesn’t compare to when Selectas would be doing handstands on their Technics 1210s and mixing 12 inch vinyls using their feet. 

It’s just too easy

A BPM counter, wave forms, finding your tune in 1 second. Where’s all the fun in mixing gone? Mixing was way cooler when you had to actually use your ear and sweat to make 2 records mix well together.

There was much more skill involved before. Now, any chimp can get a PC and mouse mix on the go and match a real vinyl man for mixing by just autosyncing his tunes!

Of course I don’t promote autosyncing, but I’ve seen people doing it.

The quality of MP3s is incomparable to the warmth of vinyl

MP3s are ok when listening to your ipod but on a big room dancefloor? Not always.

Some tunes aren’t optimised for MP3 and the DJ tends to compensate for these weak tracks and sounds by turning up the volume. This creates excessive sounds of certain kinds and may even lead to permanent ear damage if played at high volume for too long.

Vinyl on the other hand, has a roundness, warmth and depth to its sound that is pure bliss to listen to.

What do you think? Do you think digital DJing sucks dong or am I a bit hard on it here? Let me know and leave me a comment below.

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