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Digital DJ Controller Reviews – M-Audio, Stanton, American Audio

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Now we move into more familiar digital DJ equipment territory.

When I first purchased a DJ console or controller, I went for mid-to-high end.

Less than 2 years later and I can see that the same digital DJ equipment can now be found for around 25% less.

I think the price went down about a year after its release.

Waiting 6 months to a year after a product is released is part of the advice I give you on getting discount DJ gear. 

But enough of that. Let’s get down to reviewing a couple of decent mid-range digital DJ equipment party starters.

Torq M-Audio Xponent

I’ve been using the M-Audio Torq Xponentfor a while and I found it very easy to learn. But then again, after mixing vinyl and CDs for years, moving to digital DJing was nice and straightforward.

The software Torq is stable and rarely gives you any issues that aren’t user related or instantly able to be fixed.

It also does everything that Traktor or Serato do. After all, this is M-Audio, a real musician’s brand.

The Xponent is far more professional than all entry level gear and has more advanced controls which allow you to plug it into Pro Tools and Rewire for music production.

The software is also made specifically for the hardware, although you can install Traktor, Serato or Ableton Live and map the controls to the keys if you prefer.

Xponent’s controls are a little bit loose but you get used to them after a while.

A gig bag is also available and the Xponent can be upgraded to use timecoded vinyls or CDs with it. 

All in all, I’ve been pretty satisfied with my Xponent experience and would recommend it, especially as the price is now so low.

M-Audio Xponent

Stanton SCS3 System DJ Controller Package

This piece of gear made some waves when it was first released.

The Stanton SCS3 DJ Control System introduced a more touch sensitive style of DJing and more intuitive manipulation of your music.

The other advantage is that the console is delivered with Traktor software which is an industry pro favourite.

Added to this the fact that it’s very light and convenient and you have a tidy piece of digital DJ equipment at what is now a very reasonable price.

Stanton SCS3 DJ Control System

American Audio VMS4 Digital DJ Turntable

I’m recommending this beast for 3 main reasons:

– it has 4 channels instead of 2

– It has 2 mic inputs

– it’s robust

It does everything it says on the label, which is everything.

That’s pretty impressive for the price you have to admit.

American Audio VMS4 Digital DJ Turntable

Other suppliers of digital DJ equipment

There are other suppliers if you don’t like Amazon.

I’m not going to overwhelm you that though. I’m just recommending you those with decent products, competitive prices and an after sales service.

Amazon has the best prices because all the suppliers use Amazon to sell.

All this has to be taken into considering when buying digital DJ gear.

Just make sure you compare the prices between them before buying.

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