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Digital DJ Controllers – Complete DJ Systems
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Digital DJ Controllers – Complete DJ Systems

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If budget wasn’t such an issue for digital DJ equipment, then everyone would have a high end USB controller for mixing.

As it happens, spending bigger amounts of cash is more likely to get you better gigs and hence, more better paid gigs.

The DJ with more money therefore gets…how do you say….errr..even more money?

When we get to the high end material, sound quality together withquality finishing is what can separate the best digital DJ equipment, or the boys from the men.

VCI-300MKII DJ Controller

The VCI-300MKII DJ Controller is a digital DJ’s dream and at good value.

Vestax is reknowned for its presence in the DJ world and it doesn’t let us down here.

The geek in me is ready to come out for this.

The price isn’t even that high. Rolling in at around $800, it can be swiped for a bit less on PSS at this time.

Platters that are closer in style to real decks, robust casing, high quality finishing and excellent audio make this simple, straightforward and quite simply, good value.

It has the 4 audio channels you’d expect for a high end controller.

It’s also delivered with Serato Itch, which has rave reviews too.

The only letdown is apparently using a mic through it isn’t that easy.

But if you don’t use a mic then it’s excellent value.

VCI-300MKII DJ Controller

Numark NS7 DJ

Considered by many to be the beast amongst controllers, the Numark NS7 DJ Turntable Controller with Serato ITCH Software rocks home on virtually every point.

If money isn’t a problem, then just get it.

It has timecoded vinyls sitting on the platters and is also used with Serato Itch.

Vinyl DJs shall sneer at you no longer because you’ll be combining vinyl with digital.

It’s tough, metallic and lets you create amazing sound effects.

The best controllers are also the simple ones in my opinion. This takes controllers to another level and yet lets traditionalists stay…..traditional?

Numark NS7 DJ Turntable Controller with Serato ITCH Software


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