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Computer DJ Equipment – Digital DJ Gear For Beginners

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Are you looking for computer DJ equipment?

Most beginners now decide to become a DJ in the world of digital DJing. This means you need to know what to look for and get some good buying tips.

Do you need just a laptop or a controller too?

Plenty of you are asking me if you can DJ with a PC and DJ controller and if so, what computer DJ equipment or gear do you need to get for it?

Others are wondering if this is a cool way of DJing and if getting a Mac or playing with CDs isn’t a better idea.

Yet more of you are asking me if this is the way a real digital DJ mixes.

Computer DJ equipment is a Mac or a PC?

I’d estimate that over 70% of DJs use Macs instead of PCs to light up their sets.

That leaves about 30% using PCs. What’s the difference?

Macs look a little bit cooler and are meant to be more stable.

Apart from that, most software that you’ll be using will be compatible with both Macs and PCs.

Digital DJ controllers are made to work just as well with all computer DJ equipment; Mac or PC.

So if all you have is an old laptop with Windows XP, then that’s ok. It can still work fine as long as it’s equipped with a USB port and can handle the software you use.

Should I mix with a DJ controller too?

Can you play with a PC (laptop) and become a PC deejay? You can, yes but only as long as you use a USB controller to mix with.

Playing music with a PC alone isn’t DJing, it’s lining up a playlist.

DJing is the art of creating a set and mixing it together. If you autosync the mix and just stand there, then there’s no real point. It would be like using itunes or Windows Media Player.

To DJ properly you should be mixing. And for this you’ll need a real software application and a controller (also known as a console).

What does a DJ controller do?

computer DJ equipment

A controller in basic terms simulates real decks and a real mixer, but allows you to use digital music which you have stored on your hard drive.

You’ll still be able to mix using a controller in a similar way you can using turntables or CD decks.

The difference is that the mixing is indeed a lot easier as you’ll have BPM counters, loop facilities and be able to find your music almost instantly.

I want to get computer DJ equipment. Where do I start?

If you’re sure you have enough music and you’re ready to invest in some DJ gear; then go for it.

Let me know if you have any questions and leave me a comment below. I want to hear back from you.

You’ll probably want to read some more on the topic of digital DJing too.

Make sure you read all my reviews before making any decision to buy gear. It’s important to check all the prices and decide whether that gear is what is really right for you and if it fits your budget.

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