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Club DJing – How To Play DJ Gigs In Night Clubs
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Club DJing – How To Play DJ Gigs In Night Clubs

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Club DJing can be a mesmerising experience.

club DJingWatching the dancefloor explode, hearing euphoric shouts, screams and whistles from your crowd and having people hug and kiss you for making them feel happy is a natural high that very few people get to experience.

This is what club DJing is all about. So how do you put yourself in the best position to be a great club DJ?

First of all, grab your FREE guide Twelve Proven Techniques To Get Top DJ Gigs In Night Clubs from here.

Then read why going clubbing can help you become a better DJ.

DJs need to go clubbing

To begin with, going clubbing regularly can be very beneficial for those looking to get into club DJing.

Clubbing has several benefits for aspiring DJs.

Firstly, you’ll be able to watch other DJs and listen to how they play.

DJ Sean Gallagher teaches this very technique with success to learn how to DJ fast, and as a result, people are getting far better gigs in clubs. Sean used these techniques to go travelling around the world warming up for top superstar DJs.

If he can do it then you can!

Clubbing is also great because it leads you to promoters and other DJs.

If you’re open, friendly and interested in other people, you’ll make plenty of friends with similar interests to you.

Eventually, these friendships can lead to you getting bigger and better paid gigs. Club DJing is not just about how good you are at DJing (although that’s important). It’s also about knowing the right people. 

The best contacts can get you in the door of almost any club where you live.

Staying in touch with DJ music

How to DJ in clubsGoing out regularly, meeting new people and dancing to music also keeps you in touch with the latest trends.

Music is like fashion. It is so closely linked to fashion that it’s almost running parallel with it.


Lately, I’ve been seeing people dress in a style that hasn’t been seen since the early 1990s. I’ve seen girls dressed like Salt’n’Pepa, boys with baseball caps and big sneakers, bright colours and sometimes rave style clothes.

This all reminds me of the hedonistic early 1990s.

Similarly with music, we’ve seen countless 80s groups reunite or start making music again.

Yazoo, The Human League and OMD are just a few. They were from the 1980s but the same theory applies: fashions come back around 20 years after they were first introduced, more or less.

When you go clubbing you develop a feel for trends and fashions in the music world.

This can inspire you to boost your music collection and give you some great new ideas for DJ remixing and how you should plan and shape your sets to make people react in the best possible way.

The Verdict

For success in club DJing, you should be hitting the clubs often.

You don’t have to go and get drunk every time and spend all your money. You can go to talk to people feel the vibe and dance to the music.

You’ll wake up the next day with a load of new ideas for DJ sets, remixing and other ways to improve yourself as a DJ.

What if you’re too old?

You should find clubs where people of your own age hang out. Try to venture to places where there is no age discrimination and you’ll find a great mix of people.

Feeling the music and atmosphere can only be highly beneficial for your DJing abilities.

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