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Cheap DJ Equipment! Equipment Reviews And Advice

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Cheap DJ Equipment – A Beginner DJ’s Guide

Cheap DJ equipment is what plenty of beginner DJs tend to get.

I would recommend investing more in DJ equipment if you’re serious about DJing, but if you’re just starting out and you don’t have much money, getting some good bargain digital DJ gear is the way forward.

For around $160 (a bit more in Europe and the UK) you can get nifty full DJ controller with headphones. These controllers are fine for house parties, little college raves, and getting your skills honed.

After this, hopefully you’ll earn some cash and be able to invest in some mid range digital DJ gear and get to play in clubs.

But all this depends on you and if you are motivated enough to infect enough people with your party music and make them dance. More on that later.

Let’s take a look at how to get yourself on the DJ ladder with some cheap DJ equipment that rocks.

1. ION Audio Discover

This is the lowest bargain price controller on the market.

It’s great for a bit of fun and if you’re not really trying to play anywhere but at home and at friends’ parties.

The best thing is that the ION Audio iCUE3 Discover DJ System is very easy to learn to use and you can read and mix directly from your i-tunes library, rather than having to reorganise your music.

If you want more from DJing then it’s best to spend more cash, but for a bit of fun it’s a smart little console that looks cool too.

2. Hercules DJ Control MP3

Cheap DJ equipment

This little demon of a controller really surprised everyone in the DJ world with it’s great value for quality.

Reasonably robust for an amazingly low $89 price, you can cook up a nice little party mix with all the basic mixing functions.

It’s user friendly, easy to learn, you can loop sections of tracks, record your mix and it’s easy to carry with you.

Where can you find it?

All the best bargains are sold through Amazon if you’re in the USA.

If you’re in other parts of the world, try specialists on cheap DJ equipmentJuno (scroll to the bottom for the link).

3. Hercules MK4

Hercules MK4 ControllerAgain from Hercules, who dominate the entry level digital DJ gear market with their cool little great value consoles, the MK4 is well worth your cash.

You could probably even get some small bar and party gigs using this.

With Virtual DJ included, the MK4 is really light and has good, strong buttons and nobs,

You can even customise the buttons to your style, which is unique for it’s $99 price tag.

Again, all the basic DJ mixing functions are included and work well. It’s a similar machine to the Hercules DJ Control MP3 but with a different finish.

If you prefer this metallic finishing, with nice solid buttons, then this is for you.

4. Numark MIXTRACK DJ Software Controller

digital DJ equipment

Numark are a much respected and reliable name in the DJ industry and it shows with this cool little entry level controller, the Numark MIXTRACK DJ Software Controller.

Why is it any good?

What I like is the price and the fact that it feels like you’re actually mixing, rather than twiddling buttons.

Having platters with manual control on the tracks, decent standard effects and Traktor included, what can you say?

Well, you can say you’ll need a soundcard.

If you have a decent one already in your laptop that’s great. If you don’t, then then the Numark MIXTRACK PRO is what you need.

I highly recommend this little beast for value.

Over to you.

Cheap DJ Equipment – Headphones

Cheap DJ HeadphonesBargain DJ gear for beginner DJs on low budgets isn’t just about controllers. We need some headphones to go with them of course.

Which ones are the best for a cheap DJ equipment bargain deal?

Without compromising too much on quality, respected brands like Numark have managed to produce some quality low priced DJ headphones.

Low priced DJ cans

The Numark HF125 DJ Headphonesdo the trick for beginner DJs with their reasonable quality sound, light weight and very low price.

Going for a bit higher quality, JVC have a nifty little pair of DJ cans they call the JVC HA-X570 Dj Pivoting Ear Pieces Headphones.

These are pretty cool and have both jack sizes, so you can plug them in anywhere.

At around $25 the value is pretty surprisingly good.

When I was a kid this kind of gear cost about 5 times as much!

The Behringer HPX2000 Headphones High-Definition DJ Headphonesare just as good with a long chord and reasonably robust.

If you treat them well they should last for a while.

Where do you get all this gear?

Wherever you like. But has decent prices and most of us already have an account and have ordered from them before.

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1 DJ ABHISHEK March 28, 2012 at 11:32 am

Dear sir,

i am Abhishek Das, i have been working as a DJ for last 12 years in many clubs, disco ,hotel, pub and restaurants and also private parties

i am also been associated with 3 Indian TV channels for last 7 years where i work as a director and anchor.worked for audio recording studio as sound engineer ,i have also worked for 2 FM radio, and a Internet radio station stations, now i am working for jadovpur universities community radio for last 4 years.

i have good English communication skill ,i am good with computers and have good skill in sound editing ,engineering , good with software like sound forze ,nuendo , abelton, and other hardware.i teach as a DJ to student in india .i am good with any planning and execution .

i have a keen interest to go to abroad and work there for a DJ equipment company.

Dj abhishek



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