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I saw a massive rant on a website not far from here about DJing  for beginners recently. One upstart was vehemently and passionately arguing that it was better to learn by making mistakes in your bedroom and trawling through various youtube tutorials and websites for precisely 6 months in order to learn how to DJ before […]

“How To Digital DJ Fast” is a course developed by an experienced DJ Phil Morse, which is designed to get DJs learning and getting gigs much faster than they would do otherwise. Phil Morse is the publisher and owner of the successful DJ website “” which now attracts thousands of daily DJ readers with its articulate […]

How do know what the DJ style you need really is? With more and more kids and adults looking to learn to DJ, it’s not surprising I’m getting plenty of messages from guys out there asking for advice on how to get the ball rolling. I’m happy to give out tips and advice and I’ll […]

“How to DJ Right” (also called “How to DJ Properly“) is a comprehensive, complete guide to learning DJ, getting DJ gear, mixing, getting gigs, promoting yourself and making people dance. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming for beginners. There’s lots of information about the best gear, learning how to mix, the dos and don’ts […]

Pour devenir DJ, vous voulez savoir si une école de DJs, une formation DJ pro ou un stage DJ c’est intéressant? Est-ce que c’est sérieux comme formation et est-ce que ca sert à quelque chose? La question encore plus pertinente: est-que vous pouvez vraiment devenir DJ grâce à cette formation? Car sinon, vous seriez d’accord […]

Si vous vous demandez comment devenir DJ, vous n’êtes pas seul. Beaucoup de jeunes hommes et femmes rêvent de mixer en boite de nuit, de jouer devant des centaines voire des milliers de gens heureux et souriants, de faire éclater la piste de danse. Mais comment on fait? On commence par apprendre à mixer, par acheter […]

I hear from so many people: “I got my first DJ gig coming up! I’m absolutely crapping it. What do I do to prepare?” This post is to reply to those of you who asked me how to prepare for a first gig. By the looks of some of your messages, it seemed to me as though […]

“How about helping out a beginner learn to DJ?” you say. I need DJ equipment now to start DJing. If you are a beginner needing to learn to DJ, of course I’m thinking of you! I was once like you too. You need to start getting some DJ gear pretty soon. If you really are sure about DJing and about wanting […]

A timecoded vinyl system is one that allows you to use real vinyl decks, whilst staying hooked up to your computer and using MP3s. A timecoded vinyl is not a real vinyl record. It’s a pretend record, which sends signals back to your computer, allowing your computer to emulate the sound of real vinyl. It’s not […]

If you want some DJ help it might be because you’re wondering if you have what it takes to become a DJ. Or, you may be wanting to learn how to DJ, eventually become successful and have the world eating out of the palm of your hand? DJ Help A few tips on where to start, what equipment […]