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You may want to just DJ for all your life without ever doing a single DJ remix and without having to make DJ music. And that’s entirely up to you. But you should think about why it’s best for you to learn how to do it and how it can make you get an edge over other […]

When you know your DJ music and have it well organized, you’ll be laughing. Once I mastered my own library, I found I could get DJ gigs far more often. The following tips help you on your way to playing better gigs. 1. Practice Practice Practice This is all part of DJing, the hours of […]

Know your DJ music well and you’ll have a massive advantage and get DJ gigs more often. If you are thinking seriously about becoming a DJ and playing regularly, it’s absolutely essential to know your DJ music well. Don’t think you can wing a set by copying down Pete Tong’s playlist from his website and […]

Looking for DJ music can be easy or hard. If you aren’t into digital DJing and you’re playing out on vinyl and CD, you can still take advantage of the Internet to find records and gain time. In order to help you with finding the hottest DJ music, here are some tips and tricks to help guide […]

Finding the best DJ music can be a bit of a challenge. It’s an essential part of DJing and can make the difference between you being an average bar DJ and becoming a real club DJ, so you should make it your priority. Having access to the right sources of good DJ music which is good and yet […]

You may already be a DJ digital mixing meister, or a vinyl and CD expert, or you might have seen people playing with an MP3 digital DJ controller. Today, the compressed audio method suffers from a major drawback; that of the variable sound quality in the compressed audio file. However, using higher compression rates and […]

The fact is that now, most new guys and girls learning how to be a DJ are more likely to use digital or MP3 to play their sets. Recent years have seen an explosion on new releases being available in digital format only, which is the main motivation for using this media, although not the only one. This doesn’t […]