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I recently had an email from a young guy who has had the bright idea to promote a club night. —————————————————————— Hey Matt, Recently Ive decided that I want to start DJing as a career. I have little to no experience on the table but I am very eager to learn. Seeing that I am […]

DJ promotion is not always what comes naturally to all of us. I bet that now there are some amazingly talented DJs who unfortunately lack the people skills to get top gigs in clubs. On the other hand, semi talented guys or girls who look good and are smart at talking to people get far better […]

Success in the mobile DJ business is about making money and enjoying yourself while you do it. It couldn’t be easier put than that. But having a mobile DJ business can be tough. Once you have the great idea of becoming a wedding and events DJ the initial excitement fades away when you realise very […]

DJ Club Promotion is getting to play in clubs by using clever techniques. Many DJs have done this, but hardly any of them will admit it. They prefer to keep their tricks on getting club gigs to themselves in case everyone starts to use them! Make a video of you DJing “You can look pretty […]

Everyone needs some DJ promotion tips on getting club gigs. You may know how to DJ in your bedroom now, but the next stage is completely different. Now you’re almost ready to go outside, you’re itching to get your first gig and start playing in bars and then clubs. You’ve read all about how to DJ, you’ve been practicing using the […]

How do you get DJ gigs more often? It’s all very well learning how to mix and cook up a great set after building your collection of DJ music but where do you go from there? Don’t try telling me you want to stay in your bedroom, mixing to your housemates or parents, or your cat! The whole point […]

Most DJs don’t bother building or creating a DJ website. Why? Because they don’t know how EASY it really is! Yep, a website is a doddle once you know how to get started. If you’ve downloaded my free guide to getting club gigs you’ll have seen that one of the DJ promotion techniques I strongly recommend is to […]

How to build the best Mobile DJ website to play in top clubs When I first started as a DJ, part of promotion was not really making a mobile DJ website. It was more about flyers, getting the word out and making the best demo CD. Wow, how old am I? Not that old, but quite simply things […]

Knowing how best to master your own DJ promotion is essential for success in the music world, especially when hustling to get better gigs. 1. Make your own party flyers A few years ago, the emphasis was on making and printing your own flyers using an image treatment software like Photoshop or a similar tool, or paying […]

Do you play for DJ money or for the pleasure? Or do you just want to get paid what you deserve like most of us? The following question was asked to me by a DJ who’s just moved to a new city (Paris, France) and wanted to know how much cash to ask for. DJ […]