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Need to find cheap DJ equipment? If your budget is tight, then this is maybe the only way to go for you. If you’re an aspiring digital DJ looking for a decent digital DJ equipmentat a great price, then I have some recommendations for you. I only recommend what I consider to be reliable equipment. I won’t promote any […]

If you’re looking for a decent audio experience then my impartial Sennheiser HD595 review can help you to make your decision. All in all, my experience of these headphones is positive, especially taking into account the excellent sound quality, price and comfort. The experience of listening to several different music genres and acoustic sounds on this pair of headphones […]

When I first started DJing, I was looking for the best budget and discount DJ equipment and gear. After all, I didn’t have much cash and wanted to be sure it would be perfectly well spent. Moreover, I wanted my gear and my supplier to be reliable. If ever there was a problem, I wanted to […]

I admit that Virtual DJ (or VDJ) mixing software has more than surpassed the expectations of the DJ industry. What is Virtual DJ? VDJ is a DJ software which allows you to mix, scratch video and audio as well as enabling an Internet connection for searching for music. What are the best features? The best feature […]

This Traktor Kontrol S4 review can help you sift through the hype and make a decision on the controller you want. There’s a massive buzz on the web about Traktor Kontrol S4. I thought I’d wait to get better product feedback from real DJs before posting my review of this digital DJ equipment. I cut through the BS to show […]

My review of Traktor DJ can help you decide if it’s the right DJ mixing software for you. What is Traktor DJ? A DJ mixing software, Traktor can be installed on your Windows or Mac laptop and used with either a DJ console or can also be used as vinyl or CD emulation mixing software. What are the main features? The main […]

Torq 2 was just released by M-Audio and is proving itself to be a serious complete DJ mixing software. M-Audio have surprised us here with an upgrade from version 1.5 to 2.0 which has pretty well put Torq on the map as a real competitor in the DJ software market. What is M-Audio Torq and how can it […]

More and more new DJs are using Serato or Scratch Live as their choice of DJ mixing software. What is Scratch Live? It’s a DJ mixing software which can be used to emulate CD decks or turntables. You can scratch, spin, mix and play MP3s and other digital format sound files. It’s now exclusively available through Rane. What […]

If you’re looking for some decent quality headphones for both listening to music and producing music then my Sennheiser HD555 review can help you to make your decision. First of all, these aren’t headphones for DJs. They are designed for listening, watching films and for studio use. For those of you who produce your own music, these […]

If you’re looking for some high quality DJ headphones then my Pioneer HDJ-2000 review can help you to make your decision. As you may know, these are high end, high quality DJ headphones used for both DJing and production and which can be excellent for personal music listening too. As a regular DJ in bars and clubs, […]