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An Interview With Phil Morse From Phil Morse is the DJ brain behind Digital DJ Tips, the site any DJ has been following for a while now to find cool tips on the latest digital gear, advice on how to mix and articles about succeeding as a digital DJ. Digital DJ Tips is a successful blog/resource […]

Becoming a digital DJ is the current trend, like it or not. But what are the disadvantages of playing music for people this way? I’ve played every kind of format from vinyl, to CD, to CD-R, to wave to MP3. I can tell you honestly and openly that not everything pleases me about it. But why would I tell […]

The advantages of being a digital DJ (and playing with a USB controller) are many. But does it beat DJing with vinyl? Or even DJing with CDs? Many DJs I know refuse to even acknowledge digital DJing and look down their noses at it. Some have referred to it as a disease and are disgusted by what they […]

Still wondering why you should become a DJ? From the girl who can’t keep away from the music at her friend’s party to the cocktail bar DJ right through to Carl Cox and Deep Dish; any music fan who feels the need to spread the music passion is essentially a disc jockey in one form or […]

Like we said, DJing is an amazingly enjoyable profession. If you’re feeling enthusiastic about it and it’s time to take that first step to start tobecome a DJ, then you’ll need to invest in some DJ equipment. But hold on a second! Let’s sum up the checklist first to see if you’re on the right tracks […]

Hands up who has ever been a wedding DJ here? Knowing how to DJ weddings can get you paid pretty well. I have. And I’ll be putting up a wedding playlist very soon. I already said I don’t make it my habit to DJ at weddings, quite simply because it’s just not my style. However, if someone I […]

Becoming a DJ – tips to learn to play at the best clubs Many more guys and girls are thinking of becoming a DJ now that digital DJ equipment costs are no barrier to entry. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a DJ? First of all, grab your FREE guide Twelve Proven Techniques To […]

Mixmag recently conducted a poll to find who people think is the greatest top DJ of all time. Their readers voted over 4 months, they recently compiled the top ten greatest ever DJs. In true countdown style, I’m gonna start at ten and count down. At the end, I give my opinion on the greatest top DJ. […]