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DJ Culture

So many of us are looking for the best DJ party music. Having the best tunes to dance to and at the right time can make or break your night. Of course you don’t want some douchebags coming up to you and telling you that they’re not enjoying it, and asking you to play top 40 […]

You should know about Northern Soul DJs. We wouldn’t be who we are today without these guys. As DJs, we’ve gone from the early Northern Soul DJs movement to wannabe digital DJs with a 50 dollar controller using Shazam..to rip other DJs tunes and play them! Am I being mean? A bit. Has the world […]

Knowing how to deal with DJ requests for certain music when out DJing can be useful. Sometimes, you’ll be in a DJ booth where the punters are close enough to talk to you. This can have its advantages and disadvantages. The good bit about getting DJ requests Many DJs I know just plain refuse to […]

Do you dream about becoming a DJ and hope to one day experience the ideal DJ lifestyle? Or maybe you’re just curious. Or are you bi-curious? Only joking. Either way, keep up and read more about what you need to experience the glitzy lifestyle some disc jockeys have as a result not only of their skills but also […]

DJing Today – Lifestyle of the DJ This is about DJing lifestyle of today, about the changing music scenes how interesting and different being a DJ can be. This tune right here has always summed it up for me: Booth Girl! Yep, in some countries notably more than others, girls hang around the DJ. A girl DJ gets plenty […]

You’ve heard it before, a guy how knows how to DJ can get any girl he wants right? A top DJ at least? Or even the guy who does the trailer park BBQ disco on Sunday nights? They both know how to DJ. Hmm. Interesting one. Quite simply, it depends on a number of factors. You can’t […]

Here are a few DJ tips on how to dress, in case you need them. One thing some of you may never even think about how to dress as a DJ. Let me give you my best tips on what clothes to wear. I’m not a fashion expert. I leave that to my girlfriend. However, for you beginner DJs and especially those […]

Club DJing can be a mesmerising experience. Watching the dancefloor explode, hearing euphoric shouts, screams and whistles from your crowd and having people hug and kiss you for making them feel happy is a natural high that very few people get to experience. This is what club DJing is all about. So how do you […]

Is becoming a DJ about your age or can you become a successful DJ when you’re already over 30 or over 40 years of age? When are you too old to think about becoming a DJ? What are the best tips and what steps do you need to take to get there? These are the […]

Thinking of mixing with DJ CD players? Now we’ve covered vinyl mixing, we’ll talk more about mixing with with CDs. Some DJs I know are still not happy about DJs using DJ CD players to play in clubs. Vinyl purists remain vinyl enthusiasts A quick look at the best DJs in the world reveals they all […]