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Advertising Disclosure
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Advertising Disclosure

This website contains information that can help people to learn to DJ and to improve their DJ performance. It takes a lot of time to research, write and compile the articles that are free to consult into a website format.

The content that you read on this site is at our sole discretion and is not influenced by any form of payment.

There are several products that are occasionally recommended on this website through links and banners. This website does make a commission if you purchase these 3rd party products after clicking through my links. This is how this website is financed and it is also one of the ways I am able to provide you all the free content on this website.

You do not have to click through the links on this website in order to access a product that I endorse and maybe recommend. You are entirely free to find the product by using your own alternative means too. Clicking through my site’s links does not mean you will pay more money to purchase the end product however it does mean that you are supporting this website and helping its owners to continue to provide you with useful information.

If you subscribe to my periodic emails then on occasions you may also be able to click links through to purchase products for which I may also receive commissions.

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You may also see banners and text links that advertise products and services. These are not part of my website and will take you to another site if you click on them.

Only click on them if they interest you!

These ads are provided by Google and their content is not under my direct control, although I can remove them or add them when I like.

Please remember that at all times, you as the site visitor are the priority. The main aim of the content provided here is to help you to improve your motivation, skills and satisfaction of DJing  before anything else.