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Total DJ

About The Total DJ Site

Total DJ was started as a site to help newbie DJs who are thinking about becoming a DJ, for DJs who simply want to read the latest cool tips on improving your DJing, and more recently, for those DJs who need new advice on changing technology in the DJ world. 

The articles are 100% original and sincere.

I enjoy sharing my DJ experiences here on my website, some of them are funny, some are silly and some are simply great.

DJing has been a great passion of mine for many years and I’m extremely grateful for all the pleasure and satisfaction I’ve got from it.

I hope I can bring some of that satisfaction to you too.

Who am I?

I’m Matt, a British DJ living in Paris, France.

I’ve been playing at gigs in Paris for years (see this pic on the right).Total DJ

I’ve played at some great clubs, at some funny, eventful parties and at loads of places that are somewhere in between!

I write some of my articles in French and you’ll occasionally notice some articles popping up written in the lingo spoken where I live.

As well as DJing and blogging, I am one half of electro duo Sao Paulo Punks. You can find our releases on our Facebook fan page.

You can see a video of one of our tunes right here. 
I encourage you to start making your own DJ remixes and tracks if you really want to succeed.

Don’t hesitate to comment on anything you feel like and feel free to ask me a question! 

I hope you enjoy reading my DJ blog. For the best tips delivered straight to your inbox (no spam whatsoever) then just subscribe to my newsletter.