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Ableton Live – Producer And DJ Mixing Software
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Ableton Live – Producer And DJ Mixing Software

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Of course plenty of people are saying: “Ableton Live is the DJ mixing software used by Deadmau5, so I can use it too”.


Deaudmau5 is really a producer who DJs.

He can whip up some amazing DJ sets, but his break came through creating stomping club tunes.

Like him or not, he uses Ableton Live for his live sets.

Ableton. Live. Get it? He performs live. 

What is Ableton Live?

It’s a powerful application which is used by many musicians, producers and talented DJs to play live sets.

The idea is that using this can help you produce more live sound, instead of the recorded sound that many DJs play to their crowds.

You can also produce using Ableton and make your own tunes.

What are the best features?

The standout features and strong points are:

1. You can enrichen your sets and become more than a DJ

If you know musical theory, you can hook up a midi keyboard, amps, drum machines and countless other instruments through Ableton and then apply the numerous looping, sampling and midi effects to your sounds.

2. Making your own tunes whilst mixing

You’ve heard of DJ consoles which let you mix and remix on the fly. This takes it to a new level.

Rather than just thrashing out a set, you can perform your own live tunes and remixes and improvise as you’re playing.

This is the only real hybrid of live and DJing that there is, in my opinion.

3. Simplicity

For DJs who like to produce you only need to get to know this one DJ software.

It’s just as adapted to straightforward DJ sets as it is to remixing on the fly and producing.

This saves a mountain of time when it comes to making your own tunes and producing.

When I learnt to produce it took me hundreds of hours to get anywhere. I’m not joking.

So learning one application with which you can mix and produce is a gift.

If you want to go further and get big with making tunes, just get it.

Where to find and download Ableton Live

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