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How To DJ Weddings – Wedding DJ Tips

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Hands up who has ever been a wedding DJ here? Knowing how to DJ weddings can get you paid pretty well.

I have. And I’ll be putting up a wedding playlist very soon.

I already said I don’t make it my habit to DJ at weddings, quite simply because it’s just not my style.

However, if someone I know asks me to be a wedding DJ, then I sometimes agree.

I’ve been asked to play at a few different wedding parties. Some I’ve done, others I’ve refused. Let me tell you about a couple of them.

Wedding 1

I was friends with a couple who were pretty cool back in the day. I got on well with them and we used to go out DJ equipment I went to their engagement party and it was great. So when they asked me to be their wedding DJ I was happy to do it, for free!

Well, not quite for free. They had to pay the hotel so the weekend wouldn’t cost me anything. I would be a guest too, so got to eat all their food.

However, the closer it got to the wedding, the more obvious it became that their attitude was off. They were just trying to get as much out of anyone for free.

I played reasonably well on the night (as I knew their tunes) but ran out of time before I could really really peak. I guess it was ok, but I got a feeling something wasn’t right about them. They didn’t really appreciate the massive favour I was doing. After all, a wedding DJ can charge a fortune and I was doing it for the price of a hotel room.

Anyway, without much further bitchin’, I’ve never seen them since they “reminded” me, after the wedding, that I hadn’t participated in their present.

Unf*ckinbelievable! I do a favour like that for them and they send an sms to “remind” me to participate in their present?

Maybe, if they were nice, they would have got one from me.

However, they weren’t.

So I politely told them to go f*ck themselves. 

Wedding 2

After the experience of wedding 1 I didn’t want to fall out with more friends. So I just told this other couple that I knew that I couldn’t make it.

Instead, I got them someone else, another guy who was getting more gigs than me at the time. By doing both them and him a favour by hooking them up, I did myself a favour too.

When he got back, this other deejay guy gave me plenty of gigs to return the good deed I’d done. Everyone was happy.

Wedding 3

Now, this one was great. I agreed to be the wedding DJ simply because I trust these people and I know they wouldn’t take the p*ss.

An American guy and a Swedish girl getting married in the South of France, with a party that followed in a villa with a pool.

Would you dare refuse that?

The girl’s brother warmed up the place nicely, I played for 2 or 3 peak time hours. It was pretty cool and nearly everyone danced. I danced too, nearer to the end.

I just put on cool and trendy music, with no wedding cheese. That’s also why I agreed to be a wedding DJ for them at their party. Because they had great taste and I knew what they wanted straight away.

My wedding DJ tips for you

1. Meet with the couple beforehand to see what they want

Many couples want a specific playlist and then let you go wild, within limits.

Remember, they may have family there who only dance to old stuff. Old farts are really important too. Sometimes they appear to think it’s their wedding.

Older people have to be happy at weddings, because one of them is gonna be paying you remember. You don’t wanna disappoint them.

I recommend putting tunes for old farts on early on. That way, they dance right away, get tired and go to bed. Then you can let rip with your cool tunage!

The couple themselves obviously have tunes that mean a lot to them, so make sure you have that lined up.

Spend enough time with them beforehand so that they tell you everything. It’s essential.

2. Hire some reliable equipment

The last thing you want is some faulty decks or laptop totally ruining the best night of their lives. Right? Remember, this has to go very well. These people should remember this night forever, and for the best reasons.

Have back up solutions for everything.

3. Load up and up and up on your music

You need to have everything. All the tunes you need. You also need to know your tunes very well, right from top 40 cheese to disco to 50s swing. No sh*t, make sure you do.

4. Talk to people and smile

The guests don’t want some miserable sulk of a deejay who keeps looking at his watch. They want someone who smiles and talks to them. They want you to enjoy yourself too, and to project a good vibe in the room.

For you, this means you’ll get more in sync with them and how they feel. The tunes you lay out will be more instinctive and what they want to hear.

5. Make ’em dance

Make them dance and dance and dance more. They have to come up to you at the end and hug you it was so good. Oh yes, you’re gonna do that alright. Do whatever it takes.

The best thing about doing a wedding

If you’re a single guy and you play out at a wedding and make people have a great time…you’ll have girls fighting over you by the end of the night. Single ladies are always at weddings and are always looking for a man. That’s the way it is.

Make it a night they remember 😉

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