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PC DJ Equipment – Tips And Advice On Digital Gear

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Ever wonder about the PC DJ who uses computer software and a mouse and nothing else?

Let me tell you a little story.

I was having a drink at a place here in Paris where I’ve been DJing for 6 or 7 years now. Except this night, I wasn’t on the decks, I was chilling and having a beer.

As always, I glanced over at that night’s DJ on the wheels of steel, to see how he was doing and if I knew him.

I know most of the regulars here, and go back a while with some of them.

Except this guy wasn’t on any wheels of steel, or even wheels of digital plastic. No Sir. This guy was DJing with a PC and a mouse!

A Mouse DJ!


That’s how some people react to this. With horror. Of course, being patronising to mouse DJs is a bit too much maybe. Patronising anyone is perhaps too much.

But I still think that being a PC DJ and playing with a mouse and no console or controller is bullshit.

But DJing is about the music, not how you play it!

True, you should not resist technological advances and refuse digital just because it’s “not how things were done in the old days”.

You should bend like a reed in the wind.

The whole fuss about digital is still going on, but the media you decide to use is still up to you if you use MP3 or vinyl to play. Yes, the main focus of a DJ is indeed, making people happy and making them dance.

I haven’t changed my opinion on that at all.

But when you see a guy with nothing but a PC and a mouse and no controller, smirking away and thinking he’s a hot DJ, it does kind of make you want to puke up a bit.


Because a PC DJ with no controller looks like a lame ass

Already, moving from vinyl to CDs meant many DJs moved around less. Yet if you just sit in front of a screen, moving your mouse then believe me, you don’t look great.

You’ll certainly look like more of an IT geek or someone checking their facebook rather than a disc jockey pro.

People like it when a DJ moves, matches and mixes the music on the fly. This kind of interaction means he or she is into what they’re doing and most of all they they are passionate about and care about them

Now I know some people disagree and won’t like this, but it’s what I think. I wouldn’t advise you to play with a laptop if you want to get decent gigs.

People aren’t dumb, they know anyone can do auto-mix with a computer

PC DJ EquipmentPlenty of people these days have an interest in, or some knowledge of DJing.

If you decide to “mouse PC DJ” there will always be at least some people who don’t respect you.

Mouse DJing means you may just have some cracked version of DJ software, slapped it onto a laptop which you probably use for work and got some MP3s off of the Internet.

For all they know, you made little effort to find any good music, you just copied some other DJ’s playlists or you used Shazam on your iphone when out clubbing to rip some guy’s hard earned collection.

Or did you copy your friend’s MP3 collection?

Who knows. But watch out, there are plenty of people who’ll see through your game right away.

What does it really matter if I make people dance?

You could say that it doesn’t matter at all.

And it’s entirely up to you. Hey, don’t let a DJ blog on the Internet stop you! Do what you like.

Just know that you won’t get very far if that’s your game. No savvy promoter will have any PC DJ in his or her bar or club. No chance.

The only gigs you’ll get will be some small bars. And fair enough, if that’s all you want.

So what should I do then if I want better gigs?

Get some real equipment of course!

That’ll mean you at least look like you’re doing something, instead of replying to emails.

There’s enough advice on gear and equipment around and plenty you can browse through. Now get on with it.

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