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PC DJ Software Reviews – Free DJ Software
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PC DJ Software Reviews – Free DJ Software

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Getting the best PC DJ software is essential for your future as a DJ.

Get this one wrong and you’ll be out of pocket and spend loads getting more gear.

You don’t want owe people money do you?

There are quite a few different PC DJ Software packages out there and it can be quite overwhelming at first.

But don’t worry, I’ll give you a few tips.

PC or Mac compatible software?

The great news for you is that most Mac compatible software also works just as well for PCs.

So any reviews you read on this site related to DJ mixing software are relevant for both machines.

I’d advice you to use a dedicated, reasonably high performing PC for playing with PC DJ software.

After all, the last thing you want is for your computer to crash in the middle of a set, leaving you embarrassed and all the girls looking at you and pointing at you.

But if all you have is an old PC with Windows XP and 1GB of SDRAM, that should be enough. Just don’t open load of different applications when you’re playing.

PC DJ Software is pretty stable

Stability and ease of use should be priorities when choosing your PC DJ software.

Your gear is mission critical and you can’t afford it failing in the middle of the party of the year.

You need to be able to manage and use it well too, in order to be able to find tunes faster and to get optimal sound quality.

Have you chosen which DJ console you’ll be using?

Some cool DJ controllers are bundled with software. That means you’ll be influenced by your choice of controller.

If you haven’t yet decided on your DJ console, then read my digital DJ gear reviews first and then come back to this. 

Choosing DJ Mixing Software

How to choose your software

Once you have an idea which controller to use, come back to this guide and read it carefully.

Then click on all the links to see the full reviews for mixing software.

Traktor DJ

Traktor DJ has been around for years and has recently undergone an upgrade to version 2.

Why do DJs use it?

1. There are 4 decks to DJ with

2. Excellent close EQ control and the quality of sound has been given special attention

3. The search is great and fast

Check out the full Traktor Review

Serato Scratch

Serato is another favourite for DJs, old and new.

What’s different is with Serato you can mix video and images too!

What’s different and makes it stand out, for me is the superior dynamic range.

As a result, you get cool sound.

Full review on Serato and where you get it

Virtual DJ

VDJ actually have free DJ mixing software for you to keep (basic verson).

What makes it stand out is:

The netsearch helps find tracks and video from the web.

2. It actively suggests tracks for you to play next.

Find out more about Virtual DJ

M-Audio Torq

I’ve DJed loads using Torq with the M-Audio Xponent DJ console. I’ve always found it pretty reliable and easy to use

You can be more expressive using Torq and it can be used with Rewire and Protools kind of like a live music performance with a group.

If you make your own music you may find it very useful.

Torq has since upgrade to version 2.0.

Find out more on M-Audio Torq 2.0

Heard about Deckadance and Mixxx?

Read on, because I have even more reviews on PC DJ software here.

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