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Make A DJ Website – Create A Site That Works For Promotion
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Make A DJ Website – Create A Site That Works For Promotion

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How to build the best Mobile DJ website to play in top clubs

When I first started as a DJ, part of promotion was not really making a mobile DJ website.

It was more about flyers, getting the word out and making the best demo CD. Wow, how old am I? Not that old, but quite simply things have changed fast and these days you cannot get away with not making your own site.

Screw that, I’m just using facebook for my promotion!

Of course, many of us use myspace, facebook and other social networking tools to promote.

You may thing you’ll never need to set up a mobile DJ website to exist.

But seriously, how many fake DJs are on facebook these days?

Myspace has had its time and we all know that facebook works far better. But what does this mean?

It means any old fake ass can get some picture up and add loads of friends using some friend adder tool.

All it takes is for the guy to take a pic of himself wearing cool DJ headphones and he would be randomly spamming clubs for a gig.

Do you really want to be one of the cattle crowd of fake ass mouse DJs? 

Please don’t tell me this is your goal.

No. Didn’t think so. You wanna stand out from this crowd make yourself a cool DJ website.

OK, so how do I make a great site?

The idea for you is to create a mobile DJ website which draws traffic.

This is especially important if you’re a mobile or wedding DJ. You need to get found on the Internet to make money.

No matter how great, well designed and funky your site looks, unless it gets traffic it’s totally useless.

Can you imagine having the best record store in town and yet not a single visitor? Well that’s what would happen unless you knew what you were doing.

What’s the best tip for making a mobile DJ website?

I use WordPress; a free software used to easily build websites. I optimise my site for keywords and search engines so people can find it.

That is how you found it. Many other sites are just as good as this, but thanks to SEO  I learnt how to tweak content and for it to appear high up in the search engine rankings.

What this means is that my site gets traffic. Otherwise, you would never have found it.

As you obviously know, this is a DJ advice site, not my own DJ website. This site (the one you’re on) is getting more and more traffic every week and every time I add pages.

With this site you’re on now, I do get traffic thanks to SEO methods and a site that looks good enough.

So what does WordPress provide?

WordPress is an open source software that teaches you how to build you site. You can add cool plugins and extras to help you build pages with the correct terms and keywords. This part is important!

Is it a guarantee to success?

That depends on how well you do. You have to read up and watch some tutorials and do everything it says to get anywhere.

Some people do well from it, others less so. But generally, if you just follow the tutorials, you’ll succeed.

WordPress is FREE but you should buy a wordpress theme which may cost you anything from $10 upwards. You do have to learn how to use it but it’s worth it.

How To Proceed

This is how you should proceed:

1. Choose your website name and register your domain cheap style with a reputed registar: GoDaddy.com

2. Choose web hosting with these guys, because they have a really easy to understand interface and great support: HostGator

4. Log in to Godaddy and manage your site. Specify your nameservers as those given to you by HostGator.

3. Install WordPress through Hostgator’s interface. If you don’t know how then check out these.

How To Learn WordPress really fast

The best way to become a master of this great web-building software is to check out these WordPress learning videos. You’ll learn everything about setting your site up to look good, get traffic and business.

You’ll gain months of time that would have been spent trawling through youtube tutorials and making mistakes.

WordPress learning videos.

Mobile DJs

Obviously, mobile DJs will benefit optimising their site for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as they rely on Internet traffic to get business.

In fact, stats reveal that around 70% of business can come just from a mobile DJ website.

Why? Because mobile DJing is a business which depends not only on word of mouth and knowing people, but also on Internet promotion.

And more and more these days!

A mobile DJ can definitely grow his business the right way if he or she appears on the first page of Google searches without paying Google a cent!

He or she needs a great website but also especially needs one which generates traffic.

There is no single better tool than the Internet for promoting your business and increasing your income.

For mobile DJs, I’d definitely say it’ll grow your business.

OK, thanks. What else does my site need?

Your site needs great, pro looking pics and videos of you mixing.

If you don’t have these, then at least do what you can do get a warm up gig where you can get some pics of you looking cool on the decks.

I’d suggest a very simple design mobile DJ website with clear information, maybe from an existing template.

Don’t overdo your website’s design, do keep it simple, smart looking and very clear.

Your mixes and productions on your DJ website

Upload your mixes to soundcloud or mixcloud, then link to them from your webpage.

Make sure the best and most recent ones are the first in the list.

Also, add a clearly visible contact page with email and telephone number for you to be contacted.

You can now add your mobile DJ website domain name to your business cards and rock’n’roll..that part of promotion is done.

Now post your links everywhere.

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