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How To Deal With DJ Requests – Top Tips
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How To Deal With DJ Requests – Top Tips

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Knowing how to deal with DJ requests for certain music when out DJing can be useful.

Sometimes, you’ll be in a DJ booth where the punters are close enough to talk to you. This can have its advantages and disadvantages.

The good bit about getting DJ requests

Many DJs I know just plain refuse to acknowledge any DJ request whatsoever.

But you shouldn’t do this.

One good thing about people asking you about tunes is that you’ll feel closer to your club heads and you should be able to tune in to what they need, getting them to react positively.

You’ll be able to meet some of them which can be beneficial and you can make contacts and even get gigs by handing out your DJ demo CDs or business cards to people in the club.

This doesn’t mean you have to agree to put on any tune they like.

Be polite

Some people may give you a really good idea. Most people (not everyone) are respectful enough and you should acknowledge them without getting distracted.

When you have a minute, at least listen to what they have to say. You never know where it could lead to.

You shouldn’t promise to put on a tune with no intention of putting it on at all, at least be honest about it.

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This dodgy pic was taken with my mobile phone and is of a very persistent girl who was making requests that night.

What not to do when getting DJ requests

Hot DJ girl

The downside is that some people drink too much or take too many drugs and may prove to be a bit distracting for you when playing.

Even worse, someone may fall over on your equipment or spill a drink on it.

What happens when you agree to a DJ request?

This is a fine line to tread, because if you are nice and agree to the request, the person may end up asking you to put their music on all night and become a real pain.

I’ve also had people get annoyed after I agreed to play the tune they wanted. How is this possible? Because they actually wanted their tune right away!

That’s right, there are people like this who actually exist, who think everyone should bow to them and what they want in life right away.

Try to spot them before they come and put your headphones right on till they go away!

Keep it simple and quick when dealing with a DJ request

Keep it simple with requests from people. If they make a good suggestion, tell them you’ll play it but later on.

They may tell you they’re leaving later on, so you’ll have to play it now, but hold back and play it when it’s the right moment.

You’re in charge here. Don’t let them act like they’re ordering a drink at the bar.

Some people try to actually do this.

Girl: I want Basement Jaxx followed by a Prince Remix.

DJ: Yes certainly, coming right up. That’ll be $13.40 please.

You are not a jukebox where people order tunes!

If you agree to it then get something back

Always get something back if you agree to play a tune for someone.

For example, if a group of girls asks you to play a tune say you’ll only play it if they agree to dance right away and for the rest of the night.

If you don’t want to play the music they suggest because it’s awful cheese which would be used to torture people and make their ears bleed, then politely tell them that it’s not suitable for tonight.

They can always suggest something else that’s better.

Annoying people

The thing is that people are often a bit drunk, so if they become a real annoyance, tell the bouncer to get rid of them or put your headphones on and concentrate on your mix and they’ll eventually get bored of asking for that Europop trance that was made on Fruityloops 2 months ago.

Don’t get distracted from DJing

The message here is: if everyone’s having a great time, keep doing what you’re doing.

Don’t change it because one self centered person thinks the world revolves around what they want.

On the other hand, if people aren’t really into what you’re doing, maybe being open to reasonable requests is a good idea after all.

Big breasted beauties

But above all, don’t let a big breasted beauty distract you or throw you off guard.

She may make you drool all over your new cool DJ console, but she might also be flashing her ample cleavage at you to get what she wants.

If you bow to her, you could make other people leave! What if she wants something cheesy? Forget it.

Be nice but be in charge. If you want to impress girls, concentrate on your set, don’t let their boobs tell you what tunes to play.

What do you think? Are you a DJ and do you deal with requests like this? Send me your story, I want to hear it.

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