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DJ Promotion Tips – How To Get Top DJ Gigs

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DJ promotion is not always what comes naturally to all of us.

I bet that now there are some amazingly talented DJs who unfortunately lack the people skills to get top gigs in clubs.

On the other hand, semi talented guys or girls who look good and are smart at talking to people get far better gigs and in less time.

You need to promote yourself, however good you are

So now you’ve honed your DJ skills, you think you could be the next Fatboy Slim?

Before you wet your pants, there’s the small matter of DJ promotion to consider.

Any disc jockey needs to self promote, unless he or she can afford to pay a hand picked agency to do it for him or her, which won’t be the case at the start.

Yes, like it or not, you’ll have to self promote your amazing skills too if you are to get anywhere, and right away.

The key message here is that it’s all down to you.

No one will come to find and discover you from the comfort of your bedroom. You’ll have to do it.

Only you can take the initiative and bite the bullet.

Here are my top DJ tips for promotion and getting cool gigs.

1. Play out in parties wherever you can

Any gig will be useful to you here.

You never know who’ll be in these little places hanging out for a drink.

Whilst bedroom DJing can teach you plenty of technical skills and get you to know your DJ music, it won’t teach you how to read a club crowd. 

So look for and offer to gig for anyone, anywhere.

This is a way of increasing exposure.

This includes your friend’s birthday party, college events, any party you see within reason you can offer to DJ at.

Even DJing the Sunday football league BBQ party is better than nothing.

Get the word out to your friends that you can mix and you have learnt to mix properly and are looking for gigs.

Tell everyone you’re cool.

They’ll be impressed and may recommend to their friends that you can play at other people’s parties. You may even get paid, even if it’s only in drinks to begin with.

If you’re really motivated, then you’ll not mind DJing anywhere for free to start with.

After all, it’s all about DJ promotion.

2. Choose a DJ name

Time to choose a moniker.

You may already have your DJ name but think again, is it really catchy, memorable and original enough for you?

Double check on the Internet search engines, and on social networking sites such as Facebook. 

if a DJ of that name exists already. If it does try a new one, then another.

This may not be easy and you’ll have to be imaginative and creative, but persevere and you’ll be able to create an original DJ name that no one else in the world uses.

Remember: your name is DJ promotion.

Hot DJ promotion tip: Try taking your name and changing the spelling or adding on something extra to change it to a funky looking pseudo.

For example, a girl disc jockey we know called Annie Judge calls herself D-Judge.

Cool as!

3. Set up your website

The first thing many people do nowadays when they hear about anything is run it by Google.

That means that your website could come in very handy when you need to convince a promote, bar or club owner of your DJing credentials.

Make your website funky, use images but not too many and drum up a good story about yourself.

Include a short biography, musical CV and a chart.

Include a part of your DJ website which lets people listen to your mixes online so they can check out your mixes for real.

4. Get your DJ photos did

For websites or flyers, or anything else promotional in nature, you’ll need some decent photos.

This doesn’t mean taking some pictures of yourself with your own arm, wearing some headphones like I’ve seen on some people’s websites and facebook profiles.

Never do this, because it looks ridiculous and you’ll never get a gig in your life. It looks like you’ve just taken the picture yourself, in your bedroom. Which is what you’ve done.

Instead, find a friend who’s a photography enthusiast with a great long lens camera, or even better, find an amateur photographer who is looking for projects to do for free.

Ask them to do it for free, or take them out for a drink or give them a present to reciprocate the favour.

What goes around comes around. 

You’ll need the best photos you can, as image is everything.

The difference between a pro photo of you on the decks looking like the king of the decks and a random, lop-sided pic of you drunk on the decks taken through a sweaty, blurred mobile phone is huge and can totally make the difference when it comes to getting that coveted gig you’re after.

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1 Axel September 28, 2011 at 7:35 am

Totally agree with these points, I’m just having trouble with creating an original name for myself. Any ideas?


2 Matt March 12, 2012 at 4:47 pm

How about Axel?


3 Geordie Spinner September 28, 2011 at 7:36 am

Interesting what you say about “get your photos did”. My friend got his done and suddenly started getting new gigs. And he isn’t even that good!


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