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DJ Promotion Part 2 – Tips On Promoting Yourself

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Knowing how best to master your own DJ promotion is essential for success in the music world, especially when hustling to get better gigs.

1. Make your own party flyers

A few years ago, the emphasis was on making and printing your own flyers using an image treatment software like Photoshop or a similar tool, or paying an agency to do it for you.

DJ promtion wa handing out flyers with friends at bars a few days before their event in the street and at bars where music lovers hung out.

Nowadays, flyers are more often distributed in electronic form, through newsletters, emailing campaigns and on social networking websites as this is far more economical, ecological and efficient, not to mention it’s far easier to reach your target audience.

Learning how to use software to make graphics

To be good at DJ promotion you’ll need to learn how to use the software which makes flyers to be effective in marketing yourself and use clever images.

List the styles that you play on the flyer and make it attractive and cool. Ask your graphic designer friend for help to make a template if you find it’s harder than you thought.

You can still print and hand out flyers or even better, leave them in places where they have other flyers on display.

You’ll probably find it’s far more effective and that it has a better return for your time invested if you use social networking sites properly.

2. Social Networking for DJ promotion

Social networking sites such as Facebook have opened up huge possibilities for reaching your target markets or target audiences.

These sites have given us the possibility to create groups, to target fans of other similar musical styles, send out regular updates easily, give people information on events, mixes to download, new releases and places to go.

In short, they help deliver far more information in far less time, to relevant people.

If you create a page with Facebook or Myspace, it will also rank very higly in the search engines, which is essential.

This also means that everyone worth their salt in the DJ and music industry is using social networking for promotion, and so should you.

So create your DJ promotion page, send it out to your friends and if you’re any good, they’ll send it out to their friends.

Hot DJ promotion Facebook Tip:

Create a new profile in facebook (not your own private one) and add loads of fans of music that you play.

Using this profile, post links to your mixes and your gigs.

Putting a photo of a good looking boy or girl on your new profile will make people more likely to accept your friend add!

3. Create your own party events

That’s right, if you throw your own party or promote your own event, then you get to choose who DJs there.

You guessed it, this time, you’re the master mixer behind the decks instead of the one looking on enviously up at booth.

Find venues willing to let you promote a party at their place, let them know what’s in it for them and invite all your friends.

Get together with mates to help with different aspects of the event: the artistic side, the deco, the security, the money management.

If your event’s a success you’ll build up a decent following and you’ll be able to do it again. You may even start making some money!

4. Develop and maintain your fanbase

Having a good fanbase is critical for building up a following. Get as many contacts as you can through email addresses, social networking sites and any other means you have.

Always get email addresses wherever possible and add them on facebook and myspace, so they’ll be likely to turn up next time you create an event.

Create & send out your event info on the Internet at least 3 days before the event. That means it’s not too far into the future for people to ignore your event and it’s not too close for them to have other plans. When you’re out DJing, you may get plenty of people tell you they like what you’re doing. Leave them a business card or contact details – look for the music nuts and direct them to your site or give them a demo CD. These days, it’s probably easier to send them to your online mix.

Finally, create a newsletter for your followers with interesting content, amusing stories about your gigs, cool new releases, your chart of some of your tunes and where you’re playing out next.

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